Anybody ever tried sticking a DVD into their Playstation?

Just got a Playstation and I’m thrilled to have film clips and dialog in my games now.

So, has anybody tried sticking a DVD into their Playstation? I haven’t and DVD’s to try this experament out on.

Incedently, for the fellow asking wheather to get a Playstation or a Nintendo 64, I’d say go with the playstation (I now have both). Great games for as low as $15 (as opposed to $50 and up for ALL N64 games, crap or not). Graphics are as good as the N64 without the expansion pack. And best of all, the next generation Playstation will still play these games, AND network gaming, AND DVD’s, not bad at all.

Put one in. Nothing going to appear on the screen. cds are 650meg, dvd= another format.

DVDs will, however, work in a PSX2… coming this March.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Oh, nuts. I thought this was a euphemism for one of those Satan/Heatherlee sex questions . . .

Playstations won’t play DVDs (although as someone said the PSX2 will). You can get an adapter to play VCDs/MP2s/MP3s from Asia- The Video CDs are very popular there, never took off here though.