Anybody ever try schav?

I noted jars of it in our “everything’s a dollar” grocery store. It didn’t look too appetizing. Cold sorrel grass soup?

Any dopers every try it? How was it?

Hrmmm, I don’t trust food from the dollar store O_o

It’s popular among older Polish people–my mother and grandmother loved it. I tried it as a child and found it particularly nasty.

I have made and enjoyed it with slightly different ingridients.

Like vichyssoise and revenge, it’s best served cold.

Make a vegetable broth or buy a good organic one if you can’t be bothered. I usually just buy it. Chicken stock will do as well.

Add a small amount of diced raw potatoes. Set to simmer till spuds are done. Remove from heat. Toss in lots of fresh, roughly chopped baby spinach leaves.

Cool and chill.

Serve with plain yogurt or sour cream or just chilled table cream. You can jazz it up with your choices of: fresh minced garlic, finely chopped chives, fresh mint, sliced hard boiled eggs, pepper to taste, cubed cucumber, etc…

It’s *very refreshing * on a hot summer day.