Anybody feel like talking about car audio?

Here’s what I have:

Rockford Fosgate (Henceforth refered to as RF) 2 way 6x9’s for rear deck

RF 3 way 6 1/2s for doors

Here’s what I got (to replace my stolen shit)

RFX-8220 - CD player. 3 preouts, 25x4 RMS, 45x4 peak, IR remote, changer input

RF 600a5 - Amp. 50x4 + 100x1 @ 4 ohms, 100x4 + 200x1 @ 2 ohms

Here’s what I’m getting:

RF Punch DVC sub + box

RF 8-disc changer for glovebox

Here’s what I want:

RF 3 way 6x9s to replace 2 ways

RF Fanatic Q 6 1/2s to replace 3 way 6 1/2s

RF 28 channel EQ

An RF sponsorship for next year’s DbDrag

ALSO - A black 1997 Eclipse GSX w/sunroof

Anyone want to share about their system?

Please don’t get too technical, with sineforms and wavefronts and big ass numbers. Let’s stay somewhat beginner. I’m a good installer, and I know my product, but I’m no USAC guy, YET.



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I used to have a 10inch MTX 5000 woofer (hooked up to a 200 watt Crunch USA amp) in a home made box that fit perfectly behind the seat of my regular-cab '99 chevy s-10. It was the perfect set-up for a vehicle that had no space for a woofer. It wasn’t the hardest hitting, nor gave the lowest boom, but it kicked ass nonetheless. But since I go to school now, I have no access to my truck, and therefore no access to my hoopty.

I want to hook up my sister’s '89 Grand Prix with a couple 12’s. You know, make it a ghetto blaster or something. She won’t go for it though.

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Here’s mine. Don’t have amps or subs, don’t want any.

Kenwood eXcelon KDC-PS909 CD receiver. Best thing about it: it rotates the faceplate and ‘hides’ when you turn off the ignition.

Kenwood KDC-C712 10-disk CD changer.

Four 5 X 7 Infinity 4712cf (I think) speakers
Additional electronics:

Valentine One radar detector, wired to the ignition.

Code Alarm car alarm, so sensitive it blips when my neighbor starts his motorcycle.

All in my 1996 Ford Ranger Supercab.

It ain’t competition-class, but it does me proud.

Ooh! Ooh! I’ll share!

My 1982 Chrysler LeBaron convertible (only 5000 or so made, mine has only 47,000 miles) has the original AM/FM radio. The original 4 speakers. Nothing else. Still in working order. The AM/FM radio is the Quartz Lock series - so it has a digital display (along with the clock), which was rare at the time. Hopefully, in May, I’ll be getting my grandpa’s 1992 Toyota Celica hatchback, which comes fully loaded (leather, sunroof, etc), including a full sound system with CD, tape and radio. The C70 convertible (Volvo) that we will soon be getting has an option for an actual surround sound system, center speaker and all. It’s supposed to be really good, but we’ll be getting the low-end audio option - 3CD in-dash changer, tape, and AM/FM with Station ID. That’s really all we need anyway. :slight_smile:

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