Anybody here also watched "La Cabina" ("The Telephone Box", 1972)?

Hallo everybody! OK, just a question – this is a movie that I watched when I was very very young, on Spanish TV.

It is called “La Cabina” (“The Telephone Box”), and although it is only 35 minutes long or so, it left an absolutely indelible impression on me. I will never forget that movie as long as I live.

I feel curious – Has anybody else here seen that movie? I understand that it was broadcast in the UK by the BBC (or perhaps ITV?) a couple of times in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Trying to find it on DVD or tape has been impossible so far, although recently I found it in YouTube. Watching it again there, it had lost none of its power (even though I had to watch it in pieces).

Yes, I saw it in South Africa in the 80s

Yes! It was quite legendary amongst my friends. When we reached the ripe old teenage years it was a favourite reminiscence. I can’t remember exactly when I first saw it, other than that it seemed to be late at night and completely unexpected. This would have been late 70s, likely.

At the time it seemed to be totally different from anything else I’d seen. The relentless, unexplained nature of the predicament was chilling. Perhaps it’s a product of my age when I first saw it, but I found it genuinely frightening, and it still occupies a special place in my nightmares too. Glad to hear you still find it powerful!

Interestingly, judging by its Wikipedia entry, I’ve mis-remembered the end. I thought I remembered an open quarry-type area, but the Wiki entry suggests that’s not it at all. Huh.

Yeah, it played on TV in New Zealand a couple of times in the very early 80s. It was probably the first time I recognised a short film as being a thing. I’d seen them plenty of times before, but dismissed them as mini-dramas for adults. This one was a “fantastical” film that made you think, and laugh (in a macabre way) and had quite an impact on me.

I don’t think I’ve seen it, but I’ve seen people discussing it on the internet before! (On the IMDb forums or here, I think.)

Caught it by joyful accident once. Possibly late eighties or early nineties, cannot remember now.
Someone had told me about it years earlier so I was all “Squeeeee!!! Here is that thing about the telephone kiosk!”

Wonderful short film.

I had no idea that this short film existed. I just finished watching it on YouTube. Thanks for cluing me in.

FWIW, I found the whole movie, in one go, in the website for RTVE (Spanish Television). In the beginning there is an introduction (lasting roughly 9 minutes) wherein the director of the movie and the main actor talk about it, about how it was made, etc. (in Spanish, no subtitles). The movie itself begins at the 9:25 minute mark.

The movie is also in Spanish, without subtitles, but there is almost no dialogue and it is not necessary to understand Spanish in order to understand the movie.

You can check it out here:

All the best!

(And… did any of you do like I did for a loooooong time after I first saw this movie…? Namely, whenever I had to use a phone box, propping the door open with my foot?).