You will never be able to identify this movie (possibly two of 'em)

But I’ve seen the SDMB come through on vaguer stuff, so here goes.

I was reminded today that as a kid, one of the monsters living under my bed was a security camera. This resulted from the fact that I saw (all or part of) a movie in which, in one scene, a woman (I think) is spotted by a security camera while sneaking (I think) around in an office (I think), and the way the film zoomed in (I think) on the camera made my little-kid mind feel like the camera was really, really scary.

Possibly this movie involved people who lived in a trailer home.

And I also remember a woman being in danger of drowning in foam in a locked room, and in my mind this is linked to the movie I just sort of described, but I am not really confident that’s actually from the same film.

Any ideas? What movie (or movies) might I be remembering?

Sliver? Not sure of time frame…

When were you a kid? 1970s? 1980s?

Sort of sounds like the episode of *The Bionic Woman *with the evil supercomputer ‘Alex’ who almost blows up the world…

Your summary reminds me of The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

She almost drowns in foam, but the chemicals actually return her to original size.

If that was it, the episode title was Doomsday is Tomorrow (a two-parter).

Here’s some YouTube shots, including an opening shot of one of the evil computer’s security cameras. Here’s shots of the scene with the ‘foam’.Although it’s clearly just soap bubbles, as I remember it was supposed to be firefighting foam which absorbs oxygen. Was only a kid but it was a pretty good episode for the time (circa 1977)…

Sorry I should have said! I was born in 1978. So I would guess this movie was from the early eighties.

Sounds an awful lot like Gone With The Wind.

I was going to say Citizen Kane.

The image of the foam was familiar as hell to me and I am betting it was that Bionic Woman episode. Thank you because it was bugging me.

No, that’s not it …it was …um, uh, what was it called? It’s about this newspaper tycoon and he’s dead, and everybody is telling stories about him, and …

It’s the video for Rio by Duran Duran.

The Duran Duran video with foam ain’t “Rio”.

Well this is definitely Citizen Kane then. You’re talking about* Citizen Kane*.

Woman drowning in foam could be a scene from Tommy.

Spoiler Alert:

Rosebud was the sled.

The security camera does help explain how they knew Mr. Kane’s last word.

Doesn’t Ann Margaret roll around in some kind of foam, as well as baked beans and chocolate syrup, in Tommy?

Either that or this.

ETA: Whoops, didn’t see #15. Got too excited.

It was a terrible board in-joke rather than an actual answer, but I’m amused that there really is a Duran Duran video featuring foam.

Sooooooo… Frylock? Was I right about the Bionic Woman episode?