How many "ID the movie" threads have there been? Well....

…I have another. And I have very little hope of finding what this movie may have been, but the Dope has come through for folks before.

I would have seen this film on TV when I was in elementary school, in the mid-1960’s. I remember it in black and white, but the friend’s house where I saw it may not have had a color TV yet. My family didn’t get one until the later 1960’s.

It’s a horror film and scared the crap out of the younger version of me. I literally had nightmares. There was a creature, I think it was kind of shaggy with long, skinny arms. it capture people and hung them up on a wall in a sort of cocoon, as a spider would, and would feed on them. At one point a dying victim is found by another character and then the creature arrives. There was some screaming, and I may have turned away, so I’m not sure who was doing it, the dying person, the other human confronting it, or whatever.`

I may have not recalled things right, but I have had no luck searching, as the terms I use have probably been too general. The creature was roughly man-sized, and it walked upright, as it was in all likelihood someone in a costume.

Perhaps the Beast from Haunted Cave.

That’s got to be it! When I read the part about it being snowy, that also helped, because I remember for a good part of the film the characters being in winter gear, coats, boots and such. And at IMDB it mentioned feeding on living victims.

Thank you blue infinity. I figured a Doper could help, if nobody else.