Anybody ID This Supercar?

I found a site from a company claiming to be working on a car that runs off of “magnetic fields and air,” which I’ve no doubt is a scam. However, on the front page of their site (which I’m not going to link to, so as to not give them any more business) there’s this picture of what they’re calling their “concept car.” It looks to me like it might be one of Saleen’s cars, but I haven’t found a photo of one from the same angle to be able to say for sure. Anybody know?

I can’t be 100% sure, but I believe that is the Tesla Roadster, unveiled earlier this year in Detroit at the NAIA.

I was there (I do work for the press events for a different exhibitor) and saw the Tesla and I have to say it’s one of the coolest looking cars I’ve ever seen.

Not sure if it’s made it to market yet (or ever will).

I agree it looks quite a bit like the S7R, only without the race paraphernalia and with different doors. The hood appears to be longer than on the S7, with the windshield farther behind the front axle.

Could be photoshopped? The blurriness of the picture doesn’t really help, unfortunately.

hmmm, yeah on 2nd look, it’s not the Tesla Roadster

Can’t say I think it looks like the Tesla. Same issue with the front axle as the Saleen, and in addition the rear half of the car is completely different.

The Saleen has a much longer rear deck, doesn’t it?

The S7R is a real race car and looks, well, like a race car.

Even a road S7 has a longer deck and looks qiite a bit different through the middle. It doesn’t have visable door handles either. I’m guessing the car in question is a drawing.

Could it be a toy car ? Or a model they made themselves ? Looking at edge of the door and the wheels it looks like a physical scale model to me.

That actually looks to my totally uninformed first impression to be one of those kit cars that were available in the 70’s/80’s that were not meant to be replicas of any one car but just a jazzy looking sports car. The front lines of that say 'vette to me and the rear lines and air intakes say Ferarri. Much like those kit cars of yore.

It seems to be their design, but also seems to take its styling cues from a number of sources, included the Saleen super-car, the Vette, possibly Ferrari TestaRossa, and there is a hint of Can Am style racer in it.

Upon looking at the rear quarter, one can’t help but think of the new Audi super-car, too.