help me ID this car I saw (no photo)

A few weeks ago while walking through Times Square I saw a car unlike any I’ve ever seen before. I didn’t get a look at the make, nor did I snap a photo of it, but I’m hoping if I can describe it well enough someone here might know what type of car it was.

Small sports car, in a very unusual shiny silver color. I mean shiny like aluminum foil. Around the headlights there was a thin boarder of some sort of plastic or metal in highlighter yellow color. Apart from this I can’t recall much more that’s specific… the car was quite angular.

The vanity plate said “Winning” but I can’t recall if it was spelled like that or if it had 3 N’s in it… and since the windows were tinted I couldn’t see if it was Charlie Sheen driving it or not. :slight_smile:

I tried Google Images and the closest thing I can find is a Lamborghini Aventador. Maybe, but I don’t see any images showing yellow trim detail (just orange). Of course I’m sure you can custom order whatever color you like. Is there another car it might be, or is that probably it?

This could be tricky, because the finish you describe might not be a clue. You can get chrome mirror vinyl wrap put onto any car now.

When it comes to modern cars, “angular” almost always seems to point to Lamborghini.



AMC Delorean (which have a stainless steel body)
Of course, most people recognize that as the “Back to the Future car”.

This guy, I presume.

“Paint” job is totally custom, of course.

Looking around it seem that “Team Salamone” has had at least two, maybe three Lambos with that plate. I wonder if they have a newer once since the one you linked to is a year old and the OP didn’t mention the red striping.

The front and rear plastic sections also tend to yellow.

Yeah, there must be a bunch (or they get repainted). Here’s one in neon green.

I believe that’s DMC, not AMC, for DeLorean Motor Company.