Anybody know a good program for stripping EXIF data from images?

Preferably with a batch function. I only just learned (and so did the Harry Potter leaker!) that EXIF data stores the camera’s serial number.

Anyone know an easy way to do this?

First, grab ImageMagick if you don’t already have it (most Linux distrubutions do, for example; I’m not sure about Mac OS). A Windows version is also available.

Now, use identify to look at the EXIF data in a JPEG image.

identify -format '%[EXIF:*]' file.jpg

Strip the data using mogrify.

mogrify -strip file.jpg

Now re-run identify to verify that the EXIF data are gone.

Doing this in batch will depend on which operating system you’re using, but if the files are all in one directory, something as simple as this would work.

mogrify -strip *.jpg

Cool, thanks. A command line operation sounds perfect.

If you need pointers on doing this over multiple directories, etc., post back.

Oh, and I gave the wrong link for the Windows download. This is the correct link; that page includes Unix and Mac OS versions as well. For Windows, you’ll probably want ImageMagick-6.3.5-2-Q16-windows-dll.exe.

If one opens the jpg in some photo programme, copies the picture and pastes it in again does that remove the EXIF data?

Unless you registered your camera with the manufacturer to (unnecessarily I may add) get the warranty, the serial number is rather useless…

It probably depends on the program, but my guess is that most programs will not preserve EXIF data in the scenario you describe. I just tested this in The GMIP, and it did not preserve the EXIF data. (This is most likely because GIMP doesn’t use the JPEG format internally, and so what you’re copy-pasting isn’t a JPEG until you save it as one.)

It could, say, be used to find the person who leaked a Harry Potter book, pre-release ;). It’s not something I’d consider to be hidden tracking information, but in light of undisclosed tracking information in other devices (like these color laser printers), I can’t fault anyone for a little paranoia.