Identify camera model through properties

I suspect someone stole my camera a while back. Is their a way I can use the properties of their on line photos to identify what type of camera took the pictures?

If you can get a look at the metadata, that would be a good start.

How do I find the meta data? Could I somehow compare the properties of the photos I took with the camera to the ones he has taken?

It’s called the exif data, and most photo sharing sites don’t strip this data.

I’m assuming that you’re seeing his photos on your alleged camera over facebook or similar. Download the photo, and run it through an EXIF data viewer, such as this site (disclaimer, I have not used this site and do not know if it is geniune) EDIT: I understand windows explorer can do it too.

EDIT: You probably want to look for the camera model, and see if it’s the same as your model.

I like Irfanview with the Exif plugin, but I’m sure there are even easier ways to get the info. The exif info will show information like ISO, aperture, flash, etc, along with camera make and model, and usually a unique serial number also.

That part of the process is automated with sites such as where you can drop an old photo, and it’ll show any new photos by the same device.

Great info, thanks

This is even better than I had hoped for

The face book data seems to be stripped. I will check around for other photos I know he posts a lot.

Report back! Preferably before you need to make the “Need answer fast - how to melt a body” thread. Yeah it looks like Facebook takes that away… That website looks cool, I’ll have to try it (camera stolen by a stranger though).

IMHO I don’t always use an image viewer/editor, but when I do, I use IrfanView.

The funny part was that when I enetered pics from my camera that I still had it told me this model did not imprint the serial number. Out of all my photos one of them did give me the serial number. So I am one small step ahead of where I was incase I ever have to prove a camera is mine.