Anybody know anything about office chairs?

We own two of them. I think ours were more like $1200 when we bought them a decade ago.

After going through multiple $200 office chairs - about one a year (we do a lot of work from home, then spend our free time playing computer games), my husband bought an Aeron. He’s had it 15 years. So its more than paid for itself over a cheaper chair. When my $200 office chair broke (I’m easier on chairs than he is - I’m 100 pounds lighter and spend less time in it), we bought one for me - its been ten years at least on mine.

They also have good ergonomics, which since we both have back issues (different back issues), the ergonomics is important - which is why we had $200 chairs and not $79 chairs to start with.

My kids, who are teenagers, have knockoffs that have held up well. They were about $400. But they lack the ergonomic features (they have young backs in need of less lumbar support).

(We’ve actually bought three of them, when my husbands brother had cancer, the tumor affected his back and caused a lot of pain, and we bought him an Aeron so he could sit more comfortably. Which was a great investment in the quality of his life, and helped - well, until it didn’t, but that’s the progression of the disease, not the chair. That chair my mother in law now has.)