Envy me, Oh yee with crappy computer chairs!

I have just bought the Aeron.

My post

I have scoliosis, so damn near every chair hurts me after 5 minutes. When my boss said I could buy a new chair, I was elated. I did a bit of research and sat in some chairs office supply stores. To make a short story long, I found the chair I wanted in the color I wanted. It was sleek, but most of all, comfortable.

Boss said, “No.” He wanted me to get a chair that looked similar to the other chairs in the offices (None of which are within sight of my chair.) I had to settle for an uncomfortable chair that cost double what I had originally selected!

Now I sit in my uncomfortable chair with my NadaChair for support.

In short, Great for you!!

We have those $600 ergonomic Hermann Miller chairs. I love them, except they have webbing on the bottom which, while very comfortable, does not absorb farts like a real cushion.

Now I have to be careful while surrounded by co-workers…

Well, How is it? Is it the most comfortable thing you have ever sat on? Is it better then a lazy boy type chair? Give us your opinion of the chair, we demand a review!

I sat in it in the showroom (Wisconsin Office Design on High Point, right next to the movie theatre parking ramp, check it out), but I don’t have it yet. 10 days delivery time, and then my ass will be supported by the finest available Ass Support Technology yet developed!

I use an Aeron at work, and it’s outstanding. Whenever I’m having lower back problems, it’s the only chair I can sit in for extended periods of time without getting too uncomfortable.

Nice choice. I’ve had one at home for almost four years now, and at work for about three years (thanks to me).

Interesting, my boss also wanted us to have chairs from another manufacturer so that it would match the existing furniture.

Mighty fine ass ride, those chairs are. But they can’t really compare to living room furniture as far as comfort goes. I mean, you can’t really recline in them too far and they don’t have a head rest or a foot rest that rises into position. Yet, I have fallen asleep in my chair a few times late at night.

Interesting. I am currently trying to use my, er, leverage on a furniture supply company to get me a good deal on an Aeron chair. (I’m working on a project where the client is buying about 50 of them, so I’m mulling the ethics of asking them to throw one in for me, which I’ll pay for, but with the benefit of a “bulk rate”, if such a thing exists).

When I saw the thread title, I knew exactly what chair you were refering to. Deserved or not (some claim the freedom chair is better, to them I say BAH!) this is the holy grail of A.S.T.

I never knew there were different versions of this chair, from a stripped down version to “fullly loaded”. Which one did you go for?

I didn’t have to buy mine. I work for a company that buys them for their employees.

Nanny nanny, boo boo.

At work there is no place for me to sit and I’m on my feet 12-14 hours at a time running up and down the halls of the hospital. The only time I’m off my feet is during lunch or short coffee breaks.

At home I have an extremely crappy desk chair–I believe it is the Marquis deSade, anti-ergonomic model 666-- that I got at the thrift store for a couple of bucks when I bought a desk. It is covered in this brown vinyl on the back and the seat is some sort of cloth. There are no arm rests nor any discernable padding to be found. The only added feature is that it makes this horrible squeaking/groaning sound whenever I swivel in it.

Ok I envy you. Happy now?

We just got a new computer / desk chair and although it is incredibly comfortable it is nothing compared to the Aeron. Mind you, ours only cost $100.00 (Cdn). It fits me well although other people might not find it as comfy as I do.

If I could get the people I work for to spring for a chair like I have at home I would be a happy man, there is no way they would buy what would be a $1300.00 (Cdn) chair for anyone.

There’s no ethical dilemna in ASKING the client if it’s okay. But it might cause them problem having 50 chairs and an invoice for 51.

Better to ask the vendor to order 51 chairs, sell 50 to your client and 1 to you. I don’t see any ethical dilemna in this either.