Work chairs: Aeron still king?

I’m looking for an ergonomic / generally comfortable chair to replace the flat slabs of wood MIT provides with our dorm rooms. Are Aerons still considered the best, or has an alternative sprung up in the few years since the dot-com crash?

I’d like to avoid spending any more than I would for an Aeron (around $800, I think).

I know I’m probably in the minority, but I find my Aeron chair to be quite uncomfortable where my thighs meet the end of the seat. The lumbar support is quite nice, however. My old office chair–a leather, executive dealie–had a very comfortable seat, but the back support was awful.

I’ve never heard of Aeron, but I certainly wouldn’t consider paying anywhere near $800 for a chair. Especially for a student dorm room. Go down to your local Office Depot and test drive some of the chairs there. You can find some very comfortable chairs for under $150.

Yes. Yes! Nobody else in the office understands me when I gripe about how much my legs are hurting me. They’re all jerks.

As I understand it, your Aeron is too far from the ground if your legs are hanging off the edge of the chair. Could that be why the edge is bothering you two?

FatBaldGuy, I’m deeply involved with a technology startup. During the summer, I’m sitting on my ass for upwards of eight hours a day, and during the academic year school work often results in the same situation. I don’t see what being in a college dorm room has to do with it - should I buy crappy stuff just because I’m living in a dorm? What’s the difference between my dorm room and my office back in Connecticut, except that I spend more time in the former location?

If the chair is as comfortable as the hype would have me believe, it seems like it’s worth it. If not, I’m asking what alternatives are out there. I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t believe that anything approaching the height of quality seating design is sitting under a quarter-inch-thick layer of dust at my local OfficeMax.

I sit on a blance ball at work everyday for 8 plus hours and it’s great. Cost me $16 on eBay and it’s way more comfortable (to me anyway) than any chair. Took some getting used to but the added mobility means I don’t get as stiff as in a chair and I’m supposedly using muscles as well.

We have an Aeron chair. My husband sits in it and has no complaints. Me, I sit on the floor all day. Literally, crossed legs on a little purple pillow with my laptop on a coffee table. Oddly, my posture is better than my Aeron-ridin’ husband.

I don’t think so. When I put my feet flat on the floor, my knees push my keyboard tray ->this<- close to the bottom of the desk. I’ve got to stetch my legs out a little bit so I can type properly, which forces my thigs to rest on the edge. I’ve also got the chair pitched forward as far as possible, but it doesn’t help all that much.

Personally, I think I’m just built wrong for the silly thing.

Aeron chairs appear to come in 3 sizes, so maybe you have the wrong size. There’s size information in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

Also consider that it’s not just the chair that’s important. Your desk should be adaptable to the correct height for you as well. (Figured this was something the OP needed to consider as well…).


I got myself an Aeron for my bedroom a couple years ago, for around $350 on eBay. It’s a nice chair. I haven’t tried many other chairs, but I hate how leather or cloth chairs make me get sweaty after a while–the pellicle material in the Aeron is much nicer.

As I understand it the steelcase leap chair is/was the main competitor to the aeron chair.

Think looks pretty cool too. I can’t find pricing on anything though.


P.s Damn, you make me jealous.

The reason I wouldn’t buy something expensive for a dorm room is that IME college students often show a distinct lack of respect for other peoples’ property. I wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money on furniture only to have it ruined by a drunk roommate.

Ah, okay. That’s not likely to happen, for various reasons. But I see your point.

The best cheap solution is probably a balance ball. I have a Bambach Saddle Seat, which I quite like when it’s adjusted exactly right, but it’s a PITA to get the thing adjusted exactly right.

You might find this book an interesting read.

I have become a fan of plastic picnic lawn-furniture type chairs. The plastic is quite soft and it sorts of adapts to your pressure points.

I have better ways to spend my money.

It should be noted that the mesh of an Aeron(I’ve used one for the past five years or so) acts like a fine grit sandpaper. Clothes wear out much faster in an Aeron than in a cloth or leather chair. I can tell the people who have Aeron chairs at the office by looking at their back pockets and seeing if they have excessive wear around a wallet or comb in the pocket. A pair of casual pants will “show” the outline of something in the back pocket within a very short period of time. Suit pants go downhill fast as well. A couple pair of $100 suit pants being worn out in six months versus a couple of years makes an Aeron less attractive IMHO. Luckily the office I’m in is casual dress so I can wear the harder-wearing denim instead of slacks. I have taken to keeping my wallet in my front pocket however.


The aeron comes in leather too. Maybe that would cut down on the sandpaper properties?

4 years ago our office got new chairs.

We had some demo units of the Aeron chair and the Leap chair from Steelcase. We then voted. Hardly any one voted and we got the Leap chairs.

These chairs suck ass. I tried the Aeron for about 3 months and was the best chair I have ever sat in!

2 thumbs way up for the Aeron!