Anybody know of a software voice changer for the Mac?

I want to record some of my stories in audio format using my Mac. I’ve got the microphone, the preamp, and the software, but one other thing I’d really like to do is change the sound of my voice. I’m not happy with the way I sound–in fact, since my stories tend to be fairly male-oriented, action stuff (I’m female), it would be really cool if I could change my voice so I could sound like a guy reading them.

I found an application for Windows that looks like just what I want here, and I do have a PC so I could use it, but the problem is I’d need to take the audio file into Windows from the Mac and this software doesn’t seem clear on whether it can handle that or not. If it can, great, but it would work a lot better if I could just get something Mac-native. I’m not having much luck with my Google-fu, unfortunately, and I’m not really all that Mac-literate (I’m more of a PC type).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Not sure if it will change your voice for free, but why not just use an audio editing program, like Audacity?

If nothing else, the Mac can read and write Windows .WAV files without any problems, so you can use that to transfer stuff between your computers. Audacity will do that for you, too.

Thanks for the tip on Audacity. I’ll definitely check it out–I was going to use SoundStudio (I downloaded a free trial copy last night and it seems to work fine–GarageBand keeps choking on my files) but if Audacity is free and works for me, that’s even better.

As for transferring files between the two machines–I know I can do that. I’m just not sure if the Voice Changer software can deal with an imported file. From the info on their website, it sounds like it’s primarily marketed at people who want to change their voices over the phone or chat, or at least to record natively in Windows. Naturally they don’t answer their support line, so I can’t ask them.

Did you say you couldn’t get GarageBand to work? It has a filter that supposedly can change the apparent gender of a vocal performance (I haven’t used it myself).

The problem is that when I try to record with GB, it stops halfway through and tells me that my disk is too slow (which my friend who designs Mac boards at Apple says shouldn’t be happening, so I should probably get him to file a bug on it). He also mentioned this filter to me last night, though, so maybe if I can record in something else like Audacity or SoundStudio and then import the file into GB, it could handle that part of it.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!