Anybody know where I can get MP3s (or other recordings) of these two "demented" songs?

When I was in college in the early to mid '80s, I used to listen to the Dr. Demento Show every Sunday night. I even recorded a lot of them on cassette tapes, though most of those are long gone now. I’m reminded of a couple of songs that, because of various silly sentimental reasons, I’d like to have recordings of, but they seem to be very hard to find. I’m wondering if anybody might be able to point me at ways to obtain them (legally, of course :slight_smile: )

The songs are:

“Dueling Rappers” by Alan Gary and Scott Free
“Uncle Jack Sez Relax” by Charles Webb and Tom Bolton

Any ideas? They don’t need to be super high quality–I’d pretty much settle for anything as long as the lyrics are intelligible. I’ve poked around online for years, but although I can find references to the songs, I can’t find anywhere to listen to them (even on YouTube). The few places that might be possibilities are flagging my antivirus software, and I’m not willing to risk that.

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the Demented Music Database? They have some shows archived. Or try directly.

Yes! I can’t say I’ve been looking all over for it, but now that I have a link to a searchable archive I’ll soon be listening to Male Model by The Amazing Pink Things. It’s odd the things that stick in a person’s mind.

Me too!

“Uncle Jack Sez Relax” is here. Download the audio for Hour 3 (mp3 or ogg). The song begins around 24:20.

Uncle Jack: “Better Homes and Gardens is just a magazine. It’s not reality.”

You may be able to get Dueling Rappers here. It’s asking me to login so I haven’t gone beyond that. But it says that you can listen to whole shows via streaming for free.

Thank you, thank you! :smiley:

I just downloaded Uncle Jack–I’ll check on Dueling Rappers in a bit. And there’s lots of other good stuff on that show that has Uncle Jack, too, so bonus!

Thanks from a fellow Dementite! :smiley:

“Clean all you want…it just gets dirty again. Think about it.”

ETA: Thanks too, Tim R. Mortiss. I’ve tried, but for some reason they haven’t come into the 21st century yet and still think that charging people $3.00 for a single stream of an episode is a good idea. I’ll pay it if I have to, but I’d really rather have something I can download.