anybody know who makes CURTIS cd players

I bought a portable cd player having a small problem with it wondering the name on it is CURTIS it is a 40 seconds anti shock poratable cd playerwondering who is the major manufacturer of CURTIS? and if there is a website? thanks;)

Got a model number? Any other identifying information to narrow a search?

Going with the minimal info provided, could it be Curtis Mathes?

Maybe like this?

model cd081 thanks i will check link good night

I was kinda hoping for more than just a model number. Say, like what is the fine print label inside or on the bottom of the player which might give a clue as to its manufacturer, country of origin, yadda, yadda.

Quite a few consumer electronics are made by a few companies in Japan, Korea and/or Taiwan, and rebadged as house brands sold by major retailers or distribution houses. For example, Matsushita and Mitsubishi are two huge Japanese conglomerates which manufacture literally hundreds of consumer electronics under just as many brand names. Playing on brand loyalty, it’s possible to buy an excellent quality consumer electronics item as an off-brand name which is very inexpensive, while the exact same item under a well-known brand badge is very expensive.

That’s why I thought the Curtis name might be a short for Curtis Mathes, a well-known (and expensive) brand name. Perhaps not.

If the CD player has a UL mark, you can look up its info here and find out who really made it:

please tell me where you find the UL number mark?
Is it the bar code number on products.

UL is Underwriters Laboratories