Anybody look at "The Second Coming"?

This show was shown on British ITV last night and concludes tonight. It will probably be shown around the world in the future so you may or may not want to read this thread.

It’s about yep you’ve guessed it the second coming of the son of god.

I really liked it. I thought it was very clever and was close to what would happen if it were true. Using Mainroad statium to prove that he was who he said he was was a nice touch.

Priest: Some of us have been working very hard to do your work
Son O’God: Yeah and some of you have been fucking choirboys.

This is a son of god who is what I kinda think of when I think of Jesus(I’m a stone cold atheist BTW) . A in your face fucker.

Looking forward to tonight when the shit really hits the fan.

I’m crap at reviewing/writing a summary so I haven’t tried.

So anybody, thoughts? And what would be your Testament :wink:

I have to agree, this really was a good piece of television!

It could have been soooo badly done and cause major offence, but i think it hit the mark very well.

I like the way he was a normal bloke who suddenly had information ‘downloaded’ the way his friends didnt all believe him even though he had domne the miracles.

Who are the guys with the odd eyes? I got a feeling they are not working on the same side as the son of god but i spose if the son of god was to return then the devil would make a comeback as well
“You’ve finally done it! You’ve really fucked it up, I’ve seen it, heaven is empty and hell is bursting”

I thought it was great – neither too cynical or too airy-fairy, which is usually what happens to these kind of stories. The two miracles were ace. Christopher Eccleston was wonderful: he had just the right sense of manic enthusiasm but also looked confused and reflective sometimes. And when he was talking about the ‘God’ part of his head hurting, the expression on his face was chilling.

I think the shiny-eyed people are something like the minions of hell, preparing for Armageddon or something. Remember the fat guy was talking about the Son of God coming back for the war.

The whole thing actually made me feel pretty joyous about the potential of religion and feel more positive about the whole thing than I have for ages. I like how evil was portrayed as depressive, self-destructive and ultimately very demeaning while Steve’s form of goodness was cheeky and kind of gleeful: it’s often portrayed the other way around.

I think it may upset some fundies to see a smokin’ drinkin’ and cussin’ God but I suspect most people will see it as what it is: a really interesting and thought-provoking examination of religion. (At least so far.)

Yeah I could see that but then again didn’t JC piss off the religious folk in his day aswell :wink:

I’m really looking forward to tonights episode. Hope they don’t fuck it up.

The 2nd miracle was very good. “Well, maybe two” :smiley:

While I’m a heathen I was brought up in a RC world. I wonder how non-christians view it?

You still feel poitive :slight_smile:

Steven(The Lord) wanted of 3rd Testament written. He foresaw that Judgement Day would arrive if no Testament was created. There was. Steven ate rat-poison and died. Thus killing God. No God, no Devil, no Heaven or Hell. Just us.

I liked it a lot I have to say but then again as a non-believer I would say that wouldn’t I?

Another non-believer here. I liked this drama.

In the first part Steve as an analogue for the original article portrayed the inner conflict of a man who both knows that he is the son of God and yet is a man with few powers to do anything about evil and suffering. For this he suffers much inner conflict. As such, I think any open-minded Christian would be able to enjoy the drama as an interesting allegorical tale.

The second part is much more radical. I enjoyed it, but I can see that it might well cause offence. The ending was excellent – how could it end? I don’t want to give anything away.

Brilliantly acted and original - I hope that this TV play receives the wide audience it deserves.