Anybody Recommend a Good Southwest Cookbook?

I’ve got a sudden craving for Southwest food and it sucks because the only place that serves it went under about a year ago. They had a steak that was an absolute killer! Smothered in spices and grilled over an open flame, damn, I’m drooling all over myself now. Anyway, in order to end this hideous craving on my part, I’m looking for a good Southwest cookbook and I’m hoping that the Teeming Millions can recommend one or two or more.

THE BORDER COOKBOOK, by Cheryl & Bill Jamison. Easily the best. It’ll keep you happy for months.

The El Paso Chile Company’s Sizzlin’ Suppers and Texas Border Cookbook.

Both are good.

I thought I had inserted a link. Look here .

“Coyote Cafe: Foods From the Great Southwest” by Mark Miller

Miller is one of the best Southwestern chefs around. This is a great cookbook!