Anybody remember S&H Green Stamps

While cleaning an old cabinet I came across a strip of S&H green stamps totaling 50 points! Does anyone remember saving these things? If I remember correctly all the good stuff in the catalog would take you about 10 years to accumulate enough books for the purchase. It does bring back fond memories of licking the stamps and pasting them into the books.

I remember them. My Mom saved them religiously. I remember having to be the stamp licker too.

I remember them, but my mom preferred to collect the Blue Stamps. Aren’t S&H Green Stamps still available and redeemable in some places?

Looking at the catalogue was one of my favorite activities as a kid. I know my mom got a card table and a blender with green stamps.

long, long ago in a universe far,far away…

Middle class suburban house, 1962. Father (executive manager) with crew cut shares a car pool with 4 other men to drive to work each day. Mother (in beehive hairdo with pointy glasses)was a proud housewife. Milk was delivered to the house early each morning, in heavy glass bottles that the milkman carried to the metal box by the back door. And 6 year old son pastes S&H green stamps into booklets.

I remember how the pages used to get a wrinkled feel to them as you pasted the stamps, filling the rows, first on one side, then the other. And the excitement of sitting in Mom’s favorite kitchen chair, looking at the new catalog (esp. around Christmas seasontime), Lots of colorful stuff, mostly boring. But then those last few pages of… TOYS!!!

Oh, yes, I remember! I remember parties of sticking them into the book with Mom and Granny. I remember the catalog, and also the STORE! Yeah, there were actually stores you could to go redeem them in. Cool stuff.

Me, three! I remember Mom getting stamps at the A & P food store, filling the books with stamps, and going to the store to redeem them. IIRC, Esso gas stations used to give green stamps, also.

I’ve still got a box of the coupons from BelAir cigarettes-I quit before I’d saved enough to get an iron lung.

Who else remembers what S & H stood for?

I remember bowling for them…

I remember them. My grandmother worked at the A&P store for years. She still had a ton of them when I came along in the 70’s.
Never redeemed them for anything that I know of.

Grandma never had to have coloring books to keep me busy. She’d just pull it all out and let me go at it.

Along the same lines, back in the late '60s to early '70s, there were these things called “Bonus Gifts Coupons” that a lot of products carried. Don’t know what you did to redeem them, but I 'member them.

S&H Green Stamps is now S&H greenpoints.

Sperry & Hutchinson. There were also Top Value stamps, yellow and red with an elephant(?) on them.

I remember the stamps and have a vague memory of the store itself. Did anyone else have Plaidland? I don’t have my own memory of it, but Plaidland plays a major role in one of our family legends. My mom was there with my older brother and sisters, who were pretty little. One of my sisters desperately had to go to the bathroom and told my mother she had to go–she was probably 2 or 3. My mom told her to wait, it would only be a few more minutes and then they’d leave. My sister wandered off, my mom bought whatever she was buying, my sister showed up again. They go to leave, my mom turns a corner and sees a fire truck sitting in the middle of the aisle with a pile of poop on it. They hightailed it out of Plaidland and never returned.

That story comes up every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, without fail.

My parents went bowling for them too! If you got a strike or spare with the special colored pins in the rack you got greenstamps. They had a huge wheel of the stamps and they would pull off the number you won each turn.

Then we’d go home and paste them in the books. I don’t remember any of the things they got with them though.

“I got my toaster through S&H Greenstamps!”

I must have had the same childhood as chappachula and TroubleAgain (well, maybe not the exact same childhood . . .). Mom and Grandmom and I would stick the stamps into the book at the kitchen table while gossiping and kvetching.

I remember Greenstamps! I have a blurry memory of my mother taking me and my sister to redeem a big book of stamps for some household appliance at a M.E. Moses store.

I now feel older than dirt.

Oh yeah. I know that we kept 'em at least up 'til the early 90s. My sister and I got our parents some really hideous anniversary gifts with those things.

I was the family stamp-licker, too. My sister could never get the hang of putting either 15 10 pt stamps on a page or 3 50 pt stamps.

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I remember greenstamps, but we actually collected the Yellow Top Value stamps. Books and books and books of them, but I never remember redeeming them for anything.

I got my first baseball mitt with greenstamps! Mom said if I pasted them in the books, I could have them. I can’t remember how many books it took, but I still have the mitt. It’s a bit small, but it’s still my favorite.