anybody see some cool movie trailers?

since I got back on the high speed over the weekend… tonite I was checking out the apple trailers site… what do you think are some of the cooler movies that are coming out?

not sure if it qualifies as “cool”, but i’m really looking forward to the Wallace & Gromit movie “Curse of the Were Rabbit”.

and yes, i am a fan of Nick Park’s work.

I’m looking forward to:

Fantastic Four (note that I didn’t say I expect it to be great)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Brothers Grimm
The Corpse Bride
Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
The Island (might be good for a lazy, rainy weekend afternoon)

Serenity. Very cool trailer.

Oops, yeah, I want to see that too. But I need to watch all the Firefly episodes first!

I love watching movie trailers online.

Movies I’ll definitely see in the theatre:
Bewitched (loved the TV show as a child)

Movies that sound interesting and that I might see in the theater (depending on reviews). Even if I don’t see them in the theater, I’ll almost assuredly rent or buy them:

Brothers Grimm
The Island
Land of the Dead
Fantastic Four
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chronicles of Narnia
War of the Worlds
Undead (what can I say? I love zombie movies)
The Cave
The Legend of Zorro

March of the Penguins!