Anybody seen Richard Dawson?

Just wondering if anyone has seen Richard Dawson since he mc’d Family Feud? Is he still alive? If so where and how old do you suppose he is now?
Also on Family feud the contestants ( usually a family) only won $5,000 on the daytime and $10,000 on the nighttime show. Split up 6 or seven ways that ain’t much by todays standards, however the contestants all acted as if they had just won the friggin lottery…

So much trivia so little time…

Didn’t he commit suicide?

No that was the guy that took Dawson’s place after he left …and yes that guy ( can’t think of his name) did hang himself…

Ray Combs took over from Dawson. Dawson also took over again in '94.

‘They couldn’t hit an Elephant from this dist…!’

Last words of General John Sedgwick

No date for the article, though.

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Did you try I’ve been surprised at who’s there…,+Richard

Among other things:
Date of birth: 20 November 1932, which would make him 67 years old.

His most recent listing is Family Feud, host 1994-1995.

Wasn’t Dawson the evil emcee in the movie “The Running Man”?

Not to mention a british POW in Hogans heroes,
Now, didn’t Bob Crane commit suicide?

Bob Crane was brutally murdered in a hotel room in Arizona. A former friend of his was indicted for the crime many years after the fact and brought to trial, but was acquitted. I believe it is no longer an open case.