Who else thinks Richard Karn is a really bad Family Feud host

I like him as Al Borland, but he doesn’t work on Family Feud. But I liked him so much as Al Borland, I tried to like him as the family feud host. but as time goes on I find him more and more annoying

it seems that he has to make a joke at every possible opportunity. And 9 times out of 10 they are not funny. You don’t have to joke at every single question.

GSN currently airs Dawson episodes at 9 and Karn episodes at 9:30 so the juxtaposition really highlights the difference

also it seems to me from my experience that Richard Karn hosts a lot of “special” episodes - celebirty look-a-like peisodes, tournaments and whatnot, which I don’t like.

John O’Hurley was much better than Richard Karn imo
Also I have not been able to watch any of the Steve Harvey episodes (because they come on at 9 am and I cannot wakle up that early, and when I do, I watch the Dawson re-runs) so what is your opinion on him? He seemed like a fun host in the few clips I’ve seen on youtube

You didn’t mention Louie Anderson or Ray Combs.

Dawson is king. Combs was alright. Anderson was the worst, by far. Karn, although not great, was a huge improvement over Anderson. I am probably in the minority, but I didn’t really like O’Hurley. Harvey is possibly second best to Dawson.

Wow, I’d rank Louie as one of the best, not the worst.

Karn is forgettable and I did not like O’Hurley. Never seen Harvey.

I also think Combs is excellent, better than Dawson(who I really didn’t think was all that great).

I’ve never seen Louie Anderson episodes. I remember seeing a few Roy Combs episodes. I liked him, but GSN must not show him anymore cause I never see it