Anybody still doing United Devices?

I joined back on 8/10/2001 and have nearly a million points racked up. I’m in second place for our team, behind our illustrious Team Captain, Frogstein, who has over a million points.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, you download a client piece of software that runs in the background and does cancer research, reporting the results back to the central server when the current project completes. It’s pretty cool. You can run it on multiple machines; I currently have it going on 5.

If you want to join on the Straight Dope team, go to

then download and install the UD client. Your team name should come up as Straight Dope when you register; if it doesn’t, then make sure you put that in.

Here’s where we stand:

Team Statistics
Statistics Last Updated: 04/25/2004 23:59:59 (UTC) [ 26 hour(s) ago ]
Members (Rank) 125 (# 235)
Current Members 117
Retired Members 8
Total CPU Time(y:d:h:m:s) (Rank) 76:112:23:46:49 (# 202)
Points Generated (Rank) 9,875,913 (# 196)
Results Returned (Rank) 75,756 (# 173)
Avg. CPU Time Per Calendar Day (y:d:h:m:s) 0:025:16:06:11
Avg. CPU Time Per Result (y:d:h:m:s) 0:000:08:49:26
Avg. Points Per Hour of CPU Time 14.77387
Avg. Points Per Result 130.36476
Avg. Points Per Calendar Day 9,102.22
Avg. Results Per Calendar Day 69.82
Join the fun!

I’ve been running it for just over 2 years now, though I joined the Straight Dope team about a year ago. I’ve racked up 116,000 points and 290 results for the team.

I just signed up and my pc is working on a smallpox problem even as I type.

I tried for awhile, but I began to have stability and speed issues with the program, and sometimes it seemed to reset without sending in the information computed. I gave up and am now searching for prime numbers instead.