Anybody think Jeb Bush will just take custody of Schiavo?

Just an informal poll. There are some speculations that Jeb Bush may use his position as governor to take custody of Terri Schiavo despite the court rulings. Apparently there is some law that allows him to arbitrarily take custody and hold anyone for 24 hours.

I think it’s likely he will intervene in this fashion. Not certain, but likely.

Anyone else care to venture an opinion?

I think he’d like to but is being forcibly restrained by his lawyers.

I’d also expect that the head of the state troopers would be reluctant (to say the least!) to attempt anything like that, and would be doing his best to dissuade Jeb.

Okay, having answered from the head, let me reply from the gut: Hell, yeh, I can see him doing it.

:: flip-flops away ::

No way-it would back fire on him in the worst way and he’d be finished.
At least, I hope so.

I do believe that the last judge in Florida to rule “No!” also issued a temporary restraining order, in the goal of preventing anyone from tampering with Mrs. Schiavo’s care, Jeb Bush or no. Not sure how long it was in effect, tho’.

I saw a clip on the news of some guy complaining that the courts shouldn’t get in the way of government. Yeah, we don’t need the Judicial branch. A stool stands just fine on two legs. :rolleyes:

If he can only do it for 24 hours, what would be the point?

Well, perhaps he could to it for 24 hours, put the feeding tube back in then wait a few days and do it again?

I dunno, I’m just throwing stuff out there.

Well, possession is 9/10 of the law. Tube goes in, re-hydrates, buys time, more maneuvering and the like. It could last a lot longer than 24 hours.

Reminds me of cooking a lobster.

[Holding a live lobster over the pot]
Okay, little lobster! Into the boiling pot!

[Pulling back]
Just kidding! I wouldn’t boil you alive!

[Thrusting the lobster forward]

[Pulling back]
Hahahaha. Gotcha! You really thought I’d do it!

[Putting lobster into the pot]
Whoops! Heh heh heh…

[sub]No, I don’t really do that when cooking lobster. In fact, I haven’t cooked a live lobster since I was a kid.[/sub]

I can’t cite this at the moment, but Bush has stated that he will not violate the injunction to not seize her.

I believe that would fall under the ‘Not fuck up your presidential aspirations’ case law for $200, Alex.

Yeah, I don’t think he’ll do it either. Say what you will about them, but the Bush boys seem politcally savvy enough to just do enough to placate the fundie wackos without actually going overboard and doing anything too extreme.

Jeb will turn this into his martyr moment: “I tried to save that poor woman, but was thwarted by the evil liberals/activist judges/ anti-lifers/whatever. Vote for me in '08 and we can stop them”

What jk1245 said. Anyone who believes Jeb or George are acting out of selfless virtue is deluding themselves.

Since the courts have determined that Terri’s wishes would be to have the feeding tube removed, it seems possible to me that even if the state or even her parents took custody, you could make an argument that replacing the feeding tube would be an undesired invasive procedure, which is assault. What I’d like to see in the event that this happens is a gastroenterologist who refuses to replace the tube.

I think it’s unlikely, and that this is the point where this is going to blow up in Jeb’s face. He has already cancelled an appearance at a Good Friday service, apparently not wanting to face the throng.

The judge barred the state from taking custody of her, so no. Bush is also making statements saying things like ‘I want to help but I’m not going to overstep my authority [any more this time because I’m out of ideas].’ So also no.

I heard similar quotes this afternoon. It seems to me, if Mr. Bush really and truly believes that Mrs. Schiavo’s life is so precious and sacred, that he’s morally bound to do anything, short of harming someone else, to preserve it. But he’s too political to do that.

As a Florida citizen and taxpayer I’m wondering how much all of Mr. Bush’s finagling has cost us so far, and where that money is coming from. If the State of Florida really believes that life is so precious it would seem they would do something about the atrocious school bus system in Pinellas County (where Mrs. Schiavo’s still functioning body is located). We’ve already had two children killed by traffic because the bus dropped them off in the wrong place. It may have been three, but I’m sure of two.

I thought that this was a very interesting article - read the whole thing at

Yes, I do think he is going to do it- and before Easter Sunday Morning. He’s not unaware that the last words uttered in the Paschal Vigil Midnight Service on the evening before Easter morning are " He is Risen "

I think that he is gambling that the same Evangelical White House that is currently running the United States will hold sway in 2008 and this may well-instead of backfiring- become the cornerstone of his campaign.

Anyone else here feel like they are witnessing Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” ??? :mad:


–snarky meanspirited side-comment: Judging from his actions so far and statements in the public in this matter, it appears that Mrs. Schiavo is not the only one whose cerebral cortex and higher brain functions has liquified–.

He won’t. He’s not that stupid.

I do love how all the Right to Lifers are screaming that he should swoop in and reinsert her tube, law be damned. First off, he’d be clapped in irons and his big brother would be none too happy. Second off, he’s not a doctor. How is he supposed to reinsert the tube? I take it it’s a rather simple medical procedure, but not as simple as sticking a plug back in a wall.

W seems to have backed off after reading the polls. Do you know the results of any polls specifically in Florida about this?