Fuck You Jeb Bush

He really is sinking to the muck and shit at the very, very bottom. What an ass.

Probe into Terri Schiavo 911 Call

I thought we were done with this by now.

Political hay making. :rolleyes:

Could it please backfire, in a big way? Please?

Methinks that George is perhaps the smartests of the brothers?

Jeb is not acting in a pol’s best interests here–he should have paid attention to the backlash that happened after he tried to force that bill thru.

He is making an ass out of himself publicly (yay!) and in such a way that there can be no hedging later (not that that won’t stop him). I would have thought he would have dropped the Schindler’s like a stone-his use for them being somewhat null and void at this point.

In short, he has overreached his hand. It’s damn embarassing to watch.

JB was quoted as:

Nope. ‘Fraid Ol’ Jeb’s got it covered. He can spin it any way he wants depending on the outcome.

Now hold on. It’s probably just a discrepancy of some kind, but if it was information not previously held or correlated, and given prosecutorial interest in the past, it may be something to bring to the attention of a prosecutor.

It would be up to them whether to prosecute. All well and proper.

The only issue here, IMHO, is why the letter was made public, and I think we all know the answer to that one.

Didn’t the autopsy rule out any possibility of abuse or trauma? What the fuck is the point of this?

To some of us, it’s entertaining.

Gosh, it’s a good thing they investigated this one right away!

Oh, wait, it’s been fifteen years.

Seems to me that Jeb is actually taking the RR’s whole “Save Terri or we’ll punish you” very seriously.

I hope they crush him for it.


While we’re at it, why not investigate whether Barbara Bush took LSD during her pregnancies?

What would anyone be theoretically prosecuted for? What’s “well and proper” about abusing prosecuturial powers to make political hay?

That Jeb wants to pander to fundies? I agree.

Fucking scumbag. I’m not shocked at all.

I do think that this may be a good thing, however. Considering the backlash over the GOPs’ joining the ‘right to keep human shells alive’ movement, this may eventually take Jeb out of the running for a presidential election…


Right. It’s a perfectly innocent, procedural investigation into a simple question of fact, entirely unrelated to the enormous media circus surrounding the Schiavo case, and exactly the sort of thing that the Governer of fucking Florida deals with on a daily basis. Jesus H. Christ, can you hear yourself?

Are you trying to imply that it’s entirely normal for the Governer of an entire fucking state to press, explicitly or not, for the prosecution of a man who has spent 10 years simply trying to enact the wishes of his wife, and that somehow those sneaky Democrats are to blame for leaking Jeb’s letter, whose intentions couldn’t possibly be anything but entirely honourable? Because that’s actually the biggest crock of shit I’ve heard all week.

Do you really think Jeb has no ulterior motive here? Not even a smidgen?

Nah. That’d turn her hair white.

Oh, if I was there and he was sinking, I’d shoot holes in his boat (or at least prevent him from bailing).


I have had a thought lately that these guys who are our elected reps are supposed to at least act statesmen-like.

I am tired of the wingnut show. It’s embarassing.

There is nothing here to investigate–sounds like a man abusing his position and power to railroad another man who not only followed his spouse’s wishes, but did so within the letter of the law etc.

Jeb is an asshole-I always knew this, but I really didn’t need the overwhelming proof.

Well, yeah, that’s all true. There is very good reason to be embarrassed that so many of us are willing to elect and support such a fool. But the first step to ending that embarrassing situation is to expose the foolishness - and Jeb is doing that on his own, very well.

You do understand that a large number of Floridians apparently either didn’t agree, when they twice elected him to the position of governor, or they felt his opponents were worse assholes.

I know this is an oft-repeated refrain of mine, and rather than just sounding it again and sound like an asshole myself, let me try to explain what I find so annoying about statements like the one I quoted above.

The quote above has a very Pauline Kael-ish tenor to it. Here we are, a bunch of right-thinking people, and we all agree on this. It’s self-evident!

So this is why I feel like I have to point out that the guy was elected TWICE, beating Democratic challengers that the Democrats presumably thought were well-qualified. I understand your ire at the man, and undoubtedly it has some basis in fact… but by the same token, do you see that there are lots of people - voting people in Florida – that don’t share your assumptions?

I’m more interested in finding out if she played basketball with her babies.

Yes, Bricker, we all do know he was elected, twice. Your point, please? Other than your trademark “Neener, neener”, that is?