Jeb requests DA probe of M. Schiavo

Words fail me. You shit for brains worthless sack of goat turds. You sanctimonious son of a whore. You have sold your ass so many times to so many glad handers and bag men you have no fucking idea who owns it. After 15 years this is an issue? Is there any chance that the autopsy proved you and your ilk dead wrong and you are trying to save face? Is the job of governing 17 million citizens so simple that you have time to persecute individuals?

I fear for the life of my country when jacklegs such as you ascend to power.
Thanks to Leonard Pitts for the heads up.

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Haven’t been reading the board lately, have you?

*shakes head and makes a cartoonish sounding “yaddla-yaddla-yaddla” sound.

Hasn’t the US spent enough time and money on this case?

Actually, no, but I did a search and nothing came up on point. If this is redundant I apologize.

I suggest someone probe Jeb’s head to find out what kind of matter is in there, brain or fecal.

One of my links is specifically about this, and the others mention it in some degree. But, hell, they’re all off the front page, so fuck it, let’s blast Bush again!

I don’t think he (Contra) needs apologize for this thread. After all, there is a risk that in another thread, someone might post something off topic for this new fact, but on topic for what was discussed in the past of the same thread.

We could always turn this into a betting pool on whether the DA obliges with an indictment.

No way that could happen. (The indictment, not the betting pool. :slight_smile: ) I mean, nobody could be that stupid…

Wanna make a bet? :wink:

Is there any way that MS can sue Jeb for harassment?

What the hell? Who remembers what happened last week, never mind 15 years ago?

It truly does reveal Jeb for what he is, though–a tool. A complete tool.

He’s got to appease his base, the folks who think Jeb is going to Hell for not storming the care facililty and freeing Terri from her murderers, who wanted her dead because they’re life-hating liberals who kill mildly disabled people like Terri for laughs and brownie points with Satan.

they said my brownie points got lost in the mail. :frowning:

Points!?!? Goddamnit. It thought I was getting brownies.

Can I at least put my brownie points towards getting some brownies?

Psst! Ask for Girl Scouts. They’re better than Brownies, any day.

It seems obvious to me that the PTB are setting the groundwork for Jeb to run for Prez in '08. The whole family feels entitled to that power; I heard it put succinctly once - ‘GWB was born on third thinking he’d hit a home run.’

You aren’t accustomed to deal with Satan, are you?

On another board, the used the following insult: Jeb Bush has GWB for brains!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I thought that I read somewhere that the DA recognizes this for what it is and is not knocking himself out to do Jeb’s bidding.