Jeb Bush - I have a hard time believing that you're actually a human being.

I have no words.

At least, none that don’t involve THROWING KNIVES AT JEB BUSH.

I’m so goddamn glad I left Florida.

Life has little or no value there.

You know that if Bush is re-elected in '04, this guy is a likely canidate for '08, right?

Just saying.

Evil really does run in that family, doesn’t it?

:eek: Wow. I’m a pro lifer, and not even I agree with that. Main stream pro life people believe that if the woman’s life is in danger, than an abortion is justifiable. This article shows Jeb to be a fanatic, and while people are free to be fanatics, when a fanatic is in power, it frightens me because then they have the authority do things just like this :frowning:

I hope something happens soon, or the woman’s probable death will be on his hands, and even though I don’t know him, I’ll take a guess that he won’t feel bad about it because he believes that he’s doing “The right thing” :rolleyes:

I’m trying not to think about that. Hell, I’m trying not to think about the prospects of Bush being re-elected period.

You do realize that’s an old news story, right? Not that that makes him any less an ogre, but I just thought I’d point out that there’s been a resolution. “J.D.S.” was appointed a guardian and that guardian decided it was in “J.D.S.'s” best interest to carry the pregnancy to term. She gave birth to “Baby Girl S” sometime in August last year.

But hey, we only have our stupid, sorryassed selves to blame – we put that sick fuck back in office for a 2nd term, which doesn’t expire until January, 2007. Maybe next time we’ll learn. :mad:

See, it’s shit like this that gives lie to the old, “We don’t have any need for feminism anymore!”

Um, stuff like this proves we DO!

I’m just wondering why you brought this up (except to piss all over Jeb*)

The case was over a long time ago. Jeb’s action (or inaction) was thrown out by a judge.

The baby was born in August of last year with no complications.

This link has a lot more up to date information

  • This isn’t necessarily a bad idea

Or, indeed, what Shayna said.

*Tentacle Monster posts a sign-- PISS ON JEB: $5.00

Line forms behind me!

(throws Tentacle a 50)

Keep the change.

Dear Og.

I don’t know what is more heinous: a severly autisic woman who is raped, impregnated and forced to undergo something that she is in now way shape or form able to really handle.

The goverment gets involved and just does the wrong thing over all and farks up everything.
Or the fact the monster that raped her was a 75 year old man.

I am going to have nightmares tonight.

Another pro-lifer who also thinks he went too far. Turns out both the mother and baby lived, which is the best possible outcome, but he took a terrible chance. I hope the little boy is in a loving home, the mother is being looked after ditto, and the rapist is in a prison in the Everglades with no mosquito netting.

Nope. Two court-appointed doctors found him incompetent to stand trial, saying he is incapable of understanding court proceedings due to dementia. His wife (the owner of the facility where J.D.S. was living) is awaiting trial on a felony charge of negligence.

You bet it is! So what’s the everyone bitching about on this thread?:confused:


Which is why it’s imperative to train eveery man, woman, and child with this one simple fact: If the candidate’s name is “Bush,” DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM!

Hell, just to be safe, don’t vote for any Republicans, either. :wink:

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: People ask me, “Jon, why’d you move to St. Louis for college? Why didn’t you want to stay in nice, sunny Florida?” I point them to shit like this and they tend to clam up. I don’t know how my parents stand living there still.

'Twas a girl.

The fact that someone with the emotional and cognitive capacity of a one year old was not only raped and impregnated, but was forced to give birth despite her mental and physical disabilities, putting her life at risk. I wonder how well a one year old recovers from being raped and giving birth.