Anybody Tried Dr. Oetker Frozen Pizza?

I saw the stuff in a local supermarket, a large pizza is $5.00.
The weird thing-I thought it was an italian brand-it is made in Germany.
Anybody try one?
Are they good?

I had one. Quite good. It had a nice, cracker-like crust – crunchy rather than soft.

I generally like Dr. Oetker products.

I like them, but it may depend on what style of pizza you prefer. They’re the closest I’ve found in a frozen pizza to the pizzas I had in Italy – they’ve managed to get the light, thin crust just right – so if that’s what you’re looking for, give them a go.

I just ate 1/2 of one! I had the tomato-mozzarella. DELICOUS! Love them and they’re only 3 euros at my local grocer.

Weird. We have Dr. Oetker cookbooks, but I had no idea they were making pizzas. This is in what country(ies)?

As frozen pizzas go they’re fine. However, there’s just something so wrong about a pizza being named after a German doctor.

Heh, we very occasionally have frozen pizza, and we like this brand.

My four year old son finds the name “Dr. Oetker” hilarious. :smiley:

Canada, USA, Brazil, China, India, and all over Europe, by the looks of it.

it all depends on the kind (here in holland we have 3 kinds of dr Oetker pizas) and I don’t mean the kind of toppings. We have Big Americans (really…), Casa di Mama and Ristorante. The first kind is crap, the dough is just bad; csas di mama is ok-ish; they are claiming it resembles pizza’s from a wood-stove and only succeed marginally. But Ristorante piazzas are the bees knees; by FAAR the best frozen pizzas you can get. I practically lived on those while in college.

Oh, I didn’t realise there were different varieties. I was talking about the Ristorante before, in that case (just to avoid any confusion).

This sums it up pretty much perfectly.

The spinach one is absolutely delicious. We sprinkle a little bacon salt on it - heavenly. We’ve had to cut way down on them - watching our sodium intake. :frowning:

The mushroom and garlic butter one is by far my favorite frozen pizza…that reminds me, they’re still on sale this week :smiley:

Would you consider it less wrong if you knew his doctorate was in botanics? :smiley:

So I should scrap my marketing plan for Mengele Pierogies?

Wouldn’t ‘Dr. Mengele’s line of genetically modified foods’ be sorta appropriate? :smiley:

Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Mozzarella pizzas have saved so many hangover days it’s not even funny.

QFT. These ones are fantastic. They’re cheap too. The ads make me laugh. “Ristorante Italiano BY DKTR OETKER!” :slight_smile: It seems a tad incongruous.

If you add in enough potato, cheese and onions, we Ukrainians will eat it regardless of the ‘additional ingredients’.

Off-topic, but my mom makes the most awesome deep-fried perogies ever.

I once was a cook in a pizza restaurant. We created a Pyrogy Pizza…sold a lot of them, too.