Anybody tried "white coffee"?

What’s with this stuff? Appears to be ground raw coffee beans, but the label on the bag I bought says it’s roasted.

And it’s about as white as white grapes. Actually, the resulting brew is almost exactly the color of white grapes, if you added a little stomach bile to kind of give it a more uriney color.

And who drinks this stuff? It tastes like ass-and-a-half! (Now I know what they’re serving in Southern truckstops when the waitress offers you Ass Tea.)

It tastes like you made tea out some raw beans. Says it has twice as much caffeine though, so I took a page from Mary Poppins’s book and added some sugar (and ice), held my nose, and poured it down like medicine. Can’t imagine anyone actually enjoying it.

Might use it in cooking . . . make some real eye-opening chili or something.

I’m feelin’ mighty lonesome
I haven’t slept a wink
I pace the floor and watch the door
And in between I drink –
White coffee
Love’s a watered-down brew

Nope, doesn’t work for me. Sounds terrible.

Crystal Pepsi of the java world?

I had white coffee the other day; the cook at the diner forgot to put the grounds in the filter, and didn’t notice because it was going directly into one of those keep-hot jugs. She made me a new pot, black this time.

(I’m way too easily amused. Maybe I should go for lunch.)

It’s for hipsters. Now that even Billy Suburbanite from Hicksburg, Wyoming’s got a couple of retina piercings, the trendsetters have to find an even more painful way to differentiate themselves from the rest of us.

And what’s wrong with weasel poop coffee for this purpose?

Good gad, man, freshly brewed tea is one of the things we do well, as opposed to the day old tannic acid I was served in NewEngland.

Dude, it was a joke about the accent, not the tea.

So, that would be coffee that’s supposed to taste like shit.

Yeah, and it’s not even sweetened.

Unsweet iced tea is an abomination against nature.

You want some iced tea with your sugar, just add some. The rest of us can thus enjoy our tea the way the twin gods of tea (Lapsang & Souchong) intended. Without needing extra insulin.


Yeah, and I want to take Earl Grey out behind the Four Dice in Fordyce AR and have a little conversation about how tea is supposed to taste.

You know what takes the medicinal edge off a too-strong earl grey? make a pot with about half again as much dried lavender flowers as earl grey. it makes an amazing flavor.

Well, Oil of Bermagot is just wrong for an additive to tea.

What the hell is a bergamot anyway? :confused:

The villian in the Harry Potter series?

It’s a very beautiful and widely used garden plant in the mint family. Proper name is Monarda; also known as Bergamot and Bee Balm.

…which is not the plant the tea is flavored with. It is called bergamot because it smells like the bergamot orange:

Thanks for that link. I’ve wondered whether to deadhead my monarda; now I know. :slight_smile:

OK, I’m all curious now… What is white coffee? Can I get it at Starbucks? How is it made and what does it taste like (besides, apparently, “ass-and-a-half”)?

I bought it as a restaurant supply place. It’s blond in color; the color of raw coffee beans, if you’ve ever seen them. I bought it ground. I made it like regular coffee. It tastes like tea made from beans.