Anybody use Microsoft TechNet?

I read about it from the Microsoft site but i am looking into requesting it for the helpdesk where i work. For those who use it, do you use the Plus version and if so is it worth the extra money? Do you (or company) get good use out of it or is it just as good to use the Microsoft Support site?

I had a free plus subscription at my last company, but that came with the MS Partner stuff. I didn’t really use the support content, since I was so used to searching the support site. I could see loading it on a laptop if some clients/offices weren’t online, or were very slow.

But the extra content, planning guides and service packs on CD were nice. Much easier to bring a 300MB service pack on CD to a client than burn it yourself, or wait for it to download over a potentially slow line.

At my current job, we don’t have it. My connections are fast enough that I don’t want to cut into my budget.