Anybody want to loan me $100 for a week?

Seriously - Pride is this weekend, it’s the end of the month, and I’m tapped. Come next Thursday I’ll be flush with funds for vacation, but for the moment, I’m flat busted. I’ll pay you back August 1 and can guarantee that in any way you deem fit.


(What, you think I’m kidding? I work for a university! :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hrm. It just occurred to me the mods and/or admins might consider this solicitation. I hope not - this isn’t for a business or for profit, it’s just in good fun, I swear! :frowning:


Sure, but you have to do something for me first. ::evil grin::

OK, prostitution is right out! (Now, thanking you in a most personal way for your generosity is another story entirely… :wink: Go make sure matt is busy first, though! <hee hee>)


No problem, I know that you’re good for it. Just swing by after work today and pick it up.

Any way I deem fit?

Hey! I posted that at 2:30!

Sure. Don’t know how to get it to by the weekend though. You have an idea?

I am broke too, but if you-all are serious about lending Esprix cash, you can maybe send it to him via Paypal?

I would, but $100 US is at least $150 CDN. While I currently have that amount of money in the bank, and would gladly lend it to a fellow Doper in need if the situation arises, I’m not sure you want my colored money showing up in your wallet. :stuck_out_tongue: Would make it inconvenient to buy things, too. (or at leastl, that’s what I’m thinking) Sorry, Esprix… but hope you find someone to be your moneylender for the week!


Lessee $100 Australian = about $50 American. Well if you want our sadly not worth very much currency you are welcome to it - on one condition, you must come visit us aussie’s to get it :slight_smile:

PayPal is, indeed, your friend. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about asking a friend to hand me cash for a pre-dated check. I’m just not sure which friend has that much cash to loan out over Pride weekend. :frowning:

You guys are swell - truly. :smiley:


The gum thing didn’t work out 'eh? I’ve sent you $ 100. Pay me back within 30 days.