Anybody watch Narcos on Netflix?

I’m up to episode 10. I’m really enjoying it. The story of two American DEA agents in 1980s Columbia attempting to bring down Pablo Escobar. The guy playing Escobar is really good as is the rest of the cast. Good show, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten buzz that other Netflix original series have. I’m liking it more than Orange or House of Cards.


Thumbs up.

It was good enough to watch it again when my wife finally decided to watch it. You have to be in the mood for subtitles tho. I always have subtitles/closed captioning on anyway, so I never thought to warn her about it. As such, she couldn’t binge watch them as much as she would have something else.

Well, it is/was good but not on the same level as sopranos/wire/deadwood etc (not even close)

There will be a second season.
I’m with ya on Sopranos and Wire. I did not care for Deadwood.

The main problem I had was that the dark haired DEA, Pena, looks like the love child of young Burt Reynolds and Ashton Kutcher.
Better actor than either.


He was also Oberyn Martell on Game Of Thrones.

I couldn’t get into it. I was bored by the white guy’s story and my girlfriend was too distracted by the bad Colombian accents.

I thought it was an awesome show. Can’t wait for season two. The guy playing Escobar was just excellent.

The Pablo Escobar part of the show was excellent. The DEA agent I didn’t enjoy as much.

In an otherwise enjoyable season I think the main drawback was timeline. I suspect the writers and producers were unsure of getting a second season and it shows. They put as much in to season 1 as possible. Escobar became a multi-billionaire drugslord rather too quickly imo. The pace could have been brought down a notch, perhaps thats why the DEA agent’s story didnt work as well as it might have.

I’ve watched five episodes, and though I enjoy them while I’m watching, I haven’t really gotten super excited about it (obviously, since it’s taken me about three months to get that far).
I don’t mind subtitles, per se, but I do have to be in the mood to really give the show my undivided attention and that doesn’t seem to be the case for me lately, which is certainly not a shortcoming of the show. Is it just one season long?

I’m about halfway through. My disappointment is that it’s false advertising to say that it’s in English, like NetFlix’s listing does. 75% of it is in Spanish with subtitles. I don’t mind subtitles, but if I am going to sit through them, my tastes run more to Japanese space robots.

I’ll keep working through it, though. A comparison to the Sopranos might be fair, but there’s less character study and less effort to make the bad guys sympathetic. There is a lot that is well-done if crime dramas are your thing.

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed to hear that there will be a second season. I’m seriously burned out on never-ending TV drama. One of the things that attracted me to Narcos was the fact that it would have to wrap itself up at the end, eventually.

Does anyone want to comment on the historical accuracy? I feel like I’m learning a lot of context to go with the news coverage I remember from way back when, but sometimes these shows are more creative license than actual history.

I was living in Colombia when they finally killed Escobar. I think the historical story line is simplified in many places, and it omits a lot of things, too, but overall, it provides a useful general context. I appreciate that it presents the Colombian point of view of the drug war at the time, because the media in the States was mostly very one-dimensional. It also just captures the mood of the country at that time pretty well. (The country has really changed a lot since then.)

The diegetic music is kind of strange, because you get the impression that–with the exception of the vallenato band playing during Escobar’s birthday in La Cathedral–everyone was listening to only old boleros at the time. Maybe that was Escobar’s actual preference, but my sense is that the filmmakers just wanted to put that in because it sounds generically “Latin.” In fact, you would’ve heard–and still hear–people listening to more salsa, vallenato, merengue, and Spanish-language pop than boleros.

I started watching but looks like I only saw one and a half episodes and never bothered finishing episode two. I guess I’ll keep an eye on this thread and maybe try again.


I don’t watch any TV shows that glorify criminals and I think it’s sad that so many TV shows are like that nowadays (The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Fargo, etc.)

Narcos does not glorify Escobar. Far from it.

**RikWriter **is correct; Narcos does not glorify Escobar or any aspect of the story. Is it that you just don’t like crime related shows?

I’ll third the two above posters. I happen to feel kind of the same way, at least with regard to the adolescent fixation America has with Italian criminals, calling them “gangsters,” sucking up portrayals of them as cool, while portraying other criminals (particularly blacks) as less “civilized,” and calling them “gang members,” when in the end they’re all the same thing. Some actors have built their careers on this. (Tarantino basically catered to the same perpetually adolescent sentiment by putting them in suits, which is the only thing that brought him out of his mediocre obscurity.)

I don’t think this series glorifies anyone–it shows how everyone to some degree is kind of a “bad guy”–or at least that’s the conceit. You might be interested to know that the whole thing starts off being framed by Ronald Reagan.

I’m a big fan of both The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. Neither glorified the criminal life. There were episodes where the bad guys seemed to be on top of the world but over the arc of the series it was made clear what miserable assholes the characters were. Narcos is the same, so far anyway.

Timely thread as I just finished yesterday.

I love good crime drama, but I think Narcos falls to the second or even third tier.

The narration is intrusive and annoying and I was disappointed that there will be a second season.

They should have wrapped it up in one season or dragged it out for three or four. For instance, Gustavo’s death (and maybe Poison’s) was the only death that really resonated. They bring in and out so many characters that you don’t really identify with them. Cockroach and the airplane bomber could have had really interesting tragic stories, but they were here and gone within a couple of episodes.

I found it mostly interesting as an historical document rather than a compelling human drama. The human toll of the Colombian drug war was much higher than I had any conception of.

My parents keep trying to get me to watch it, because Dad used to work with Steve Murphy before he was in the DEA. They like it.