Anybody watching Narcos, S2 ?

I have two episodes left and I think I’ve enjoyed it more than the first season. They (mostly) dispensed with the soap opera with Murphy and his wife. Some interesting new characters, plenty of action and intrigue.
They have announced there will be two more seasons after this and I’m wondering where the story will go from here.

Could have included a link I guess…Narcos at IMDb

The word is that they cover the rise and fall of the Cali cartel in the next 2 seasons.

I heard that the next 2 seasons will focus on Pablo’s hippos.

Even I’ve read that season 3 is going to be about the Cali Cartel. Don’t know if they’ve already planned a Season 4 after.

It took me three attempts to get through Season 1 actually. :stuck_out_tongue: Used to get bored midway.

Season 2 was way better to watch. Especially with more time spent on characters like Colonel Carillo and others.

I started watching season one but I guess I just didn’t get hooked on it.

“Killing Pablo” by Mark Bowden is an excellent read if you’re interested in a more factual account of the hunt for Escobar. The El Chapo story would make a good season 4.