Narcos on Netflix. Anyone watching?

It’s based on a true story so I don’t know if we need to declare “no spoilers” here but…be nice, I guess.

It started off slow for me but after a second episode I am pretty hooked. I had no idea what this was (a docu-drama about Pablo Escobar) nor do I know anything about Escobar so it’s all unfolding in front of me. Of course I did read his Wikipedia article halfway through the first episode. I just, was done with Daredevil and hopped on this for the long weekend.

Not too fond of the narrator/American. He seems like he’s trying to be Brad Pitt but he’s the generic cereal version. I do appreciate that it’s mostly in Spanish, except for the fact that I can’t play on the Internet while I watch!

Love the actors playing Perez and Escobar. And of course since there needs to be a skeevy troll guy, there is Luis Guzman!

Also having endured Entourage in its entirety, I finally got to see, kind of, what film Vince was trying to make with the cuckoo director and ended up creating a dud. Imagining that lightweight “Vince” where Netflix’s Escobar (Wagner Moura) is made me chuckle for the first episode. Luckily I forgot about it by the end.

Anyone else watching or plan to watch?

I’m only through episode 7 (of 10) but…I’ve read how it ends in Wikipedia :wink:

My partner and I started watching it last night. Two episodes in, and we are really enjoying it.

I’m watching and very much enjoying it.

I finished watching it last night. Found it enjoyable. The main American character is the weakest link. I think some of the back and forth in time bits don’t work right or are just too confusing but overall it was a decent show. Been watching it and Deutschland 83 lately and it is interesting to see non-English language stories but with American production value. The actor who plays Escobar is what makes the show.

Don’t read the below if you haven’t watched the whole season.

I felt the ending was a bit of a damp squib. I suspect it was a deliberate compromise between having a season arc but leaving the show open to more than one season. If Season 2 is to follow Escobar’s story to its conclusion you only have a year or something left whereas the first season covered in some way a period of almost 20 years.

I agree with your spoiler. I enjoyed the show, but I don’t think we get into the characters enough. Splitting almost equal time between goodies and baddies means the show is spread a bit thin.