Anybody Watching the News Assasination Attempt on Bush Today?

I just heard a little exerpt(sp) about a 17 year old kid just shot and killed trying to climb the white house fence with a gun? Is this true? What happened?

Here’s the BBC story.

Here’s the Washington Post:


How quickly stories mutate:

WASHINGTON (CNN) – An armed man was shot and arrested outside of the southwest gate of the White House this morning, CNN’s John King reports.
The story at CNN.

Darn. My office window overlooks the White House [sup]*[/sup] and I didn’t see a thing.

It’s gotta be on the web news services soon.

[small]* - By overlook, I mean that I can look directly at the White House, and being on the 13[sup]th[/sup] floor I’m over it. But I’m 2 miles away from it, so details are hard to discern. :D:D[/small]

First of all, this is not a General Question, in my opinion, but I’ll leave that for manny and Chronos to decide.

More to the point the (rather poorly worded–“News Assassination Attempt”?) thread title is inflammatory and assumes facts not in evidence. It probably should be changed.

Galee(Pyle Style) pldenn,

You’re tough as ever. I was just curious about exactly what happened because I only heard part of the report. I also thought this would be interesting to the other dopers. If the mods want to move it, fine.

Here’s a link to the story from Washington’s All-news radio website:

I’m two blocks away, but there is a building blocking my view. We have our fire escape door open now, I think I’da heard shots… maybe not.

No, Bill, you’re as _____ as ever (self-censored because we’re not in the Pit).

If you want to learn about something in the news, go to a news web site.

If you want to know what people think about this, ask in IMHO.

If you want to debate whether the victim was an assassin, or not, ask in GD.

And, if you’re not able to synthesise what you read on various news sites (I personally, read CNN and The Washington Post) to form your own opinions, you’re beyond my help.

I know Bill has sort of a reputation around here, but I think he asked a fair question: “Does anybody else know anything about the guy caught at the White House gate?”

Several posters linked to different sites with the story, and now we’re all (at least I am) more informed because of it.

Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen here?

He was waving a gun around, and when he pointed it at the White House and secret Service agents, they shot him in the knee.
[sub]He should be glad he did it in DC and not Austin–the Texas Rangers would’ve aimed 3 feet or so higher.[/sub]

In answer to the unasked question, “who is this guy?”

I’m sure you will all be astounded to discover that he is a white male, aged 47 (not 17 as was earlier misreported in several sources), from the midwest, who was known to his neighbors as a loner and a pretty nice guy.

He was fired by the IRS and attempted to sue the Federal Government as a result.

You know, I’d just like to say this to all of you borderline, unemployed people out there who feel you are about to snap: “Washington, DC welcomes you, friend.” Come on out, man, the museums are free. We have nice parks. The fishing is good. It’s a great place to hang out if you don’t have a job. Just please, please, leave the gun at home, won’t you?

Sheesh, in office 18 days and they’re already aiming for him.

Of course, in thinking of an assasination attempt against Bush that would leave Cheney in charge, I am reminded of Judy Tenuta’s quote about John Lennon’s assasin:

Referring, of course, to Yoko Ono. I could live with President Cheyney…


I live about 30 miles from Evansville Indiana where the shooter is from local news report he has a history of suicide attempts neighbors say he was a quiet man and kept to himself he also has a clean criminal record not even a traffic ticket police have also took his computer looking for evidence

Strange days indeed! Ends up the guy’s from my parent’s hometown…Evansville Indiana :eek:

::sputter:: “Assumes facts not in evidence”? Are we posting only pursuant to the Federal Rules of Evidence on admissibility now? Nobody tells me anything. :slight_smile:

Saw the local NBC news tonight. The President was not even close to being in danger. The dude was near the fence, about 100 yards away from the White House. He was waving a gun around. USSS dudes saw this and surrounded him. There was a ten-minute standoff during which the Dude threatened suicide. USSS dude shot him in the leg. Dude is in the hospital.

Well, Lord, I hope Bush sets up a special Presidential Office of Capital Letters, Punctuation & Grammar - sounds like someplace 30 miles from Evanston, Indiana needs it desperately!


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Jodi, ya gotta stop people from cleaning off your desk for you ! You miss all the GOOD memos !!! Sarcasm Meter Off. :smiley: :smiley:

Esprix, VERY damned funny :stuck_out_tongue: