Anyone attending a shout party tonight?

There appears to be only one shout party going on anywhere near me, and it’s just 4 people in a mall parking lot. Taking a quick look around the site, it doesn’t look to be gathering the head of steam that Franken had hoped it would.

Just wondering if anyone is going to one, or if there are any in your area (say within 20 miles).

Never heard of it before now.

How … cute.

You’re mad as hell and going to keep me up tonight.

That’s not how the line goes, is it?

Well, I’m attending a party.

YP4W (Young Professionals for Bush) Party for the President in Arlington, Virginia.

I even have an authentic Nixon-Lodge button from 1960 that I’m wearing as a conversation starter.

There will be some light food and good beverages from 6:30 on, and then we’ll watch the acceptance speech.

Good times. :wink:

Well, at Ken & Mike’s Place, about six blocks from my house:


Will you be strangling the puppies before or after the martinis?

I grew up in a blue collar household, then joined the Navy, so I never caught on to that fancy drinkin’ stuff.

I just drink beer when I do my puppy strangling. I wouldn’t want you all to think I put on airs.


There will aparently be a No Way, Dude! Wild Orgy and Drinking Party in San Jose this evening. I’m sure the hotel management will be thrilled…

GOOD TIMES?! ARGH!!! :mad:

What’s the address so my fellow Arlington Dems and I can crash?! :smiley:

Why, it’s at the Clarendon Grill.

Or was, actually. It was a rousing success. And not a Democrat in sight.

I had the sound muted on the TV, and Steve Earle’s The Revolution Starts Now was on the stereo. I was cooking chicken on the grill and popping back inside to see if Dub had shown his face yet. When he emerged, I went out in front and shouted. I heard a group of shouts from a block away. :cool:

I stuck my head out onto the fire escape and yelled (self-consciously) a couple of NYC-appropriate 'Fuhgetaboudit’s, but nobody else was doing it and frankly the loudest thing outside was crickets.