Should I attend this Election Night party?

I’ve been getting emails from the U.S. Senate campaign of a former Governor. I actually enjoyed talking with the candidate the one time that he phoned. Why I’m on their e-mailing address I’ve no idea (small business perhaps?).

Yesterday I recieved an email invitation to attend their Election Night shindig. I’ve never, ever been to one of these before … I’m tempted to go. It’s downtown but in an easily accessible location.

Have any of y’all ever been to something like this? What to expect? What to wear? I think probably business casual type stuff but I’ve no idea, really. The invitation says:

Live Entertainment

Cash Bar

Hors d’oeuvres will be served

They’ll mainly be serving Kool-Aid but if it’s something not normally in your repertoire you should definitely go. It will no doubt be an experience you’ll remember forever.

Go. I’ve been to many. Now I host them.

Go, and enjoy the experience, especially if you think the local candidate will win. That excitement is electric and everyone should experience it once.

If you’re not doing anything else, you may as well attend the party. Not like you get to do that sort of thing very often. If Musgrove wins, it’ll prolly be a decent party. If Obama and Musgrove win, it’ll prolly be a helluva party. Fleming has no chance.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. I have a hard time visualizing myself doing something like this! All the more reason to, eh?

Absolutely. Sounds like a rare opportunity. I’ve never been invited to a similar event. Also think Ronnie has a decent shot at winning. He’s probably an underdog, but Obama and the DNC have tried to help him over the last few days.

The race is tight. However, four newspapers have endorsed Musgrove in the last week, including the Clarion-Ledger and the Jackson Free Press. Hinds County’s sheriff also endorsed him. I think that will help him - particularly with voters who are already there to vote for Obama. I can’t help but think that McCain fallout has hurt Wicker. I heard that one pubbie from North Miss. actually told the national Republicans to stay out of his race.

Interestingly, the JFP endorsed Fleming this time, although they haven’t in the past.

If you buy new cars just for the thrill of hanging out with car salesmen, and you invite any and all Jehovah’s Witnesses/knife salesmen/guys with vacuum cleaners etc. into your house, then go and have a great time.

You so funny. :wink:

Have a fun time and come back and tell us all about it.

I didn’t get an invite. :frowning: