ChiDopers: politics bars for Election Night?

I’ve long thought there should be bars where cable-less people can gather to watch C-Span, just as sports fans can gather to watch ESPN. In 2004, I had a bunch of friends over to watch election returns, but in the current apartment, the layout isn’t really conducive to that; the TV is in our multi-purpose office/den/TV room/spare bedroom (it’s got a bed, desk, and dresser with TV on top, and there isn’t room for anything else). It’s a nice spot to snuggle up and watch DVDs, but not really appropriate for having guests join us for that purpose. And the combo living/dining room has a ton of bookshelves, table, and couch, but again, no room for much of anything else, and nowhere logical to put the TV, even for an evening.

So where could we go to watch the election returns, if we decide we don’t want to stay in and do it just the two of us? I imagine that particularly around here, some bar TVs that would normally be tuned to ESPN will be tuned to the election, but what are some likely spots on the North Side or near north suburbs? Places that have comfy chairs and/or decent food, and drinks other than beer (such as red wine that doesn’t taste like tree bark), would be particularly appreciated.

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks - most of the bars don’t announce events like this more than a month in advance. I know last time (2004), a number of bars did do stuff, but as you can see by the article date, it wasn’t publicized until two weeks before.

Joe’s Bar (which doth verily sucketh, IMO, but I hate sports bars) is doing one in conjunction with a singles club, but that’s all I can find so far.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Schuba’s, personally. Or maybe we could persuade MikeG to turn on the tube at Celtic Knot! :smiley:

Mike has weighed in on LJ that he expects Celtic Knot to be one huge Obama-fest. I’ve never been there except for a minute or two, before my friends decided to decamp; how’s the non-beer drink selection? (I hate beer.) Heck, I could even walk home from there!

Drinks aren’t bad, although I’ve never ordered anything very exotic. Food is way overpriced and the portions very small, unless they’ve adjusted the menu in the last year or so.

There’s a beer and wine list on their website, and they’ve got all the usual suspects included in a “Full bar”. They’ve got Magner’s Cider on tap, which is enough to keep me happy! :smiley:

ETA: I can’t imagine any bar in Chicago, 'cept maybe for some high end Lincoln Park or Loop hidey-hole, to be anything other than an Obama fest.

The wine list is better than you might think for an Irish Pub. Debbie and Jamie (two of the owners) also own Taste Food and Wine in Rogers Park and they have a good selection.

I just confirmed that barring a large booked party (highly unlikely) we will have the election coverage on in the Snug. I know for a fact I will be there.

If we can get 10-15 confirmed people I can book it and ensure it will be on:)

Eh, cider is fine with me, for that matter, and what kind of an Irish pub would it be with no cider?

I don’t know if I can commit ahead of time to being there, but for sure the location makes it a strong contender if we do go out somewhere.

The Celtic Knot in Evanston?

I have been meaning to do this but haven’t yet.

How about contacting a few bars and suggesting they have Election Night Parties and offer something like “Free Drink” if you show proof you voted! (I don’t know about elsewhere, but here in Nevada you get a little sticker that says, “I Voted” and you also get your voter ballot stub as proof you voted.)

I mean, come on - it is not like Tuesday night at a bar has much going anyway, and if they could fill the place with party people that night, my guess they would go for it!

Doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?