Election night parties, anyone?

We’re headed over to a friend’s place this evening to watch the returns and fret with other like-minded people, apparently. I already told my wife that if the angst fog gets too thick, I may have to take a walk. While they pace and fret, and endlessly move the little colored bubbles on the intertoobs, I plan to eat and get slightly shit-faced. Anybody else?

Great idea. But I’m a few weeks behind on Survivor, as are a few of my friends, so I think I’ll have a “let’s catch up on Survivor party” and blow off all this election crap. It will be what it will be, and me watching won’t make any difference.

However, I will definitely be eating and getting shitfaced, so I’m with you all the way on that part!

I’ve got my regular weekly jazz gig, at a delightful little ale house down the road. I usually only have a couple, but depending on how the night turns out, I might get happily shit-faced or morosely drunk. Depends.

Either way, the music will suffer. Luckily, no one in the audience will be listening or caring.

We are hosting an election night gathering- we hesitate to call it a “party” just in case we have to break out the cyanide-laced Kool-aide later on.

I have opted to spend a quiet night of eating and drinking heavily and return-watching at home with my wife.

Heh, of all people to start this thread:
I’m hosting some friends tonight. On the menu, I’ve concocted a recipe in my head.
Mexican Meatballs:

Two lbs ground beef
one lbs chorizo
Bread crumbs - egg
Caramelized onions
Various Mexican spices

Mix all that stuff together and make the meatballs.

After the meatballs are cooked I plan to simmer them in a spicey adabo sauce.

This recipe is totally made up in my head, I’ve never tried it before and I hope to hell it works.

So what do you think Chefguy?

Does this recipe sound promising to you? Tips? Recomendations?

And yes, I plan on getting a little shit faced myself. I don’t have to work tomorrow.

I got an invite from a Doper in my area, but I can’t make it. As I told him, I will be drinking and watching the Fox News hosts heads explode (hopefully).

I had a party at my old place in 2008, but this year we’re going out. We’re taking in a play (here’s hoping I can focus) and then going to a bar.

Ah, sah fuggin’ grimblebuck, bastids! Muggleslug dah grinkin’ spolobshig! Fuggin’ Gromney sugs…

Confess. You’ll be checking your smartphone every 30 seconds.

so what would you have at a party?

Dems would have maybe Bronco BBQ.

Repubs would have to find something that changes flavor as you chew it.

I’m on my friend’s couch, in my PJs, drinking martinis. We’re not talking very much, watching msnbc and scrolling on our devices.

In America, smartphone checks you.

I’m at the McCormick Place party.

Lizzie Warren to the Senate! Sic 'em, Lizzie! And i’m not saying that just because she so hot!

Sounds excellent. We’ve plowed through the chili, fresh masa gorditas, apple pie, bread pudding, and all the rest, and are now rejoicing in the election results.

Micro wave Banquet mac and cheese. Freeper tears, and schadenfreude. Serious chronic and good bourbon. No pecan pie, but it’ll do.

I created an accidental election night party - realized that switching to Hulu + Netflix meant I couldn’t watch election coverage live, so I headed over to my good friend’s house. Here is a pic of their three year old and my four month old enraptured by the talking heads. It was honestly one of the most enjoyable nights in recent memory - both kids were cuddly and well-behaved, the company was fun and funny, and the election went even better than I had hoped. Yay!