How do you plan to spend election night?

The title says it all. Have you made your plan for election night? If so, what is it?

I will be watching on CNN. I hope John King and his magic wall will be featured even more prominently this year. I’ll also have the local NBC station on another set to keep track of the local races. I’m going to keep an old fashioned paper list of the various races, with a blue pen and red pen handy to fill in the results as they come in. I even decided on a theme song for the night, Leonard Cohen’s Democracy.

What I usually do, nothing special. Likely less checking than normal around whatever else I am doing. I expect far slower predictions than normal thanks to increased voting by mail.

I will likely be drinking while watching MSNBC. Hopefully just wine, but if things go south I may well switch to the harder stuff.

Not watching anything election related. I’m dropping my ballot in the dropoff box today, and I’m done with it. Life is stressful enough, I don’t need to watch a forced horserace on top of it.

Just occasional surfing of election websites.

Watching MSNBC, with 538’s and Daily Kos liveblog on my laptop along with a few choice twitter feeds, being very very nervous.

I literally took the night off from work so I could surf news feeds of various sorts. I tend to treat all presidential elections as a bit like a spectator sport. As indeed in some ways it is, only with rather higher stakes than next Sunday’s football game.

I also have some Hawaiian Sun passion fruit-orange juice and a bottle of Prosecco and I’m intending to indulge myself with ‘tropical mimosas’ as the night progresses :grin:. No reason I shouldn’t pre-dull any potential tension headaches a tad. To quote that great philosopher Fish Karma on some of the dubious joys of spectator sports:
When they lose I’ll be bitter and drink a lot of beer!
When they win I’ll exult and drink a lot of beer!


Texting with my super political junkie best friend, watching something on Netflix, having a beer. She’ll keep me informed without having to deal with the blathering suits on whatever network.

In 2016, I was working GOTV all day, drove home around 7, and my wife, two kids and I were going to have a smorgasbord of appetizers to celebrate the election of our first woman president. Kids went to bed before it was called. Those appetizers felt like rotting flesh in our stomachs by 11.

This year, I don’t think we’ll have as big of a thing planned. Oh, we’ll all be watching the returns, but the kids being four years older and we being a thousand years wiser aren’t planning any celebrations.

I’ll start by flipping between CNN and MSNBC. If (hopefully “when”) things start going south for Trump and the GOP, I’ll tune into Fox for some sweet, sweet shadenfreude.

I’ll spend election night like always: Drinking beer and flipping through channels while the results roll in. I don’t have cable, so PBS will probably be the primary source. The difference will be that when I turn it off and go to bed I will have no expectation that I will hear the final result in the morning.

Ignoring the entire fucking mess, thanks. From my viewpoint it’s a disaster no matter which way it goes so there’s no real reason to pay any attention to it. I’ll send my ballot in as soon as I get it, which should be this week sometime then I’m going to ignore all of it. I’m sure someone will tell me which flavor of shit sammich I’ll be expected to eat for the next four years eventually.

Most years I’ve gone dancing with friends on election night. This year… I dunno. I don’t have the self control to not look, so probably watching the returns on TV, or maybe with some group on zoom.

Go to bed early and just hope for the best.

Didn’t work too well in '16. We’ll see.

Probably the bar for a while, and a lot of Twitter

Probably having an anxiety attack.

My votes already cast so I’ll just ignore it that day and read about it the next morning. No sense in watching all the pundits getting people worked up. Its not going to final that evening anyway.

I plan on dabbing my way thru the day (and night).

In 2016, I was watching the early results and they were pointing towards a Clinton victory. I was bored so I went out to see a movie. When I got home a couple of hours later, the results were saying Trump was winning.

I won’t be watching any movies this year.