Anyone bought a car on Ebay?

Ok, so I’m moving back to the south of Canada to go to school this fall. What my plan is is to sell my current car here and then buy one somewhere (I don’t really care where, since I have to buy a plane ticket home anyways) and drive it to Edmonton, AB. Has anyone bought a car on Ebay before, sight unseen? What was your experience? Tell me!

Also, if anyone has a decent sporty-ish car for sale around $8000 CAD, tell me about it too!

Not personally, but a good friend has bought three delivery trucks on eBay, and sold one of his most aged ones there, too. Get lots of data, service records, and pictures. Provided that the seller isn’t a shark, and you do your homework, you should be OK.

He is slowly restoring the car and seems quite pleased with his purchase.

Can a mod please change the title of this thread to “Anyone buy a car on Ebay?”. I f’d it up and now it’s irritating me.

Holy crap! You had a barbecue on eBay? Or was your house on eBay? :confused: :wink:

A few years ago I bought an old Mustang on Ebay. I loved the car, I wanted to fix it up but couldn’t so I sold it. I got more then I paid for it.

I sold my Camaro on eBay to a nice man 2 states over who wanted a nice 3rd gen to complete his collection. I loved that car, so I was happy eBay hooked me up with a guy I knew would take good care of her.

My dad has bought a few Formulas and Trans Ams off eBay for a pretty good price. He’s always been pleased with his purchases, but he goes through the auction with a fine-toothed comb, calls the seller, and asks a ton of questions to make up for the fact that he hasn’t physically seen the vehicle. Just be careful. And contact the seller before bidding, and make sure he answers all your questions to your satisfaction.

I’ve bought two cars from sellers on eBay.

The story of the first is in the The MGB Saga thread. In a nutshell: Looked complete, needed floorboards. Got the car. Needed a lot more than floorboards. Still in restoration, more than two years later.

The second I bought last month, a 1963 Triumph Herald convertible. Some details here. After towing the car 900 miles north, the carburettor was fixed as well as it can be. The collar that holds the distributor has been welded, and wires going to the distributor have been repaired. (Electronic ignition has been fitted, BTW.) It runs great, and garners much attention. It’s in the shop right now, awaiting the parts to rebuild the front brakes (caliper repair kit, brake pistons, rotors). Also, reverse is not available. They’re looking into that at the shop. If all else fails, I can get a remanufactured transmission for $900.

I have a friend who bought too great relatively recent, relatively inexpensive cars on eBay for his kids. When I’m in the market for another car, I’m gonna commission him to shop for me.