Anyone bought this cookbook?

Former Microsoft Research head Nathan Myhrvold and a team have spent 4 years creating a cookbook. A 2,400 page, 47-pound, six-volume collection that costs $625.

Here’s a previous thread about that book. It sounds like a couple of people there were planning to buy it. (Personally, I was thinking about buying it just because it sounds like a cool book, purely from a physical perspective.)

All those high end processes and technologies and it’s not available on Kindle?

The book is reportedly beautiful - lots of high quality glossy pictures, charts, and graphs. These don’t translate well to any electronic reader at this time. The author has stated that they may eventually do an electronic version of it, but not until it was possible to make it as high quality as the print version.

I’ve got it on order, but haven’t received my copy yet. Amazon and the other distributors are sending them out as they get stock, and the stock is trickling in. The first batch of 500 copies went to people who ordered last June or even before that; so far, I think maybe I’ve read that some folks who ordered in August have gotten copies. I didn’t order until February, my ship date is August 15, but from various threads the Myhrvold has commented in over at eGullet, those dates are guesses at best. Hopefully I’ll get a copy this month - supposedly all the first printing will be in the US by March 31 - but no guarantee.