Anyone build a tree stand for large xmas tree? Have opinions about a certain production tree stand?

Okay… we are gonna erect (haha ‘erect’) a large tree in the great room for xmas this year. Itsa gonna be a bigga tree… about 12’ (that’s big, right?). :smiley:

I am concerned about a Christmas tree stand effectively holding and securing a tree that is 12’ high, and if the right tree is 13’, then it’ll be 13’… or more!3

I do a lot of carpentry, so I can build something, although I’d also be willing to buy a stand with strong recommendations.

Anyone deal with such large trees before?

I have a heavy duty plastic (or something) Christmas tree stand. It’s 20 inches in diameter, but has four holes where I could bolt it to something. A heavy piece of plywood three or four feet in diameter (OK an octagon, cause I’m lazy) would work for you, I’d think. It wouldn’t surprise me if most stands had that option.

When we bought it, I joked to the saleslady, “Oh, I can bolt it to the floor. Great!”. My wife knew I was joking, but she thought I was serious. Score! :slight_smile: