Anyone Catch Dakota Fanning on 12/14 "The Ellen DeGeneres Show?" (BJ reference?!?)

I was only halfway watching it yesterday when Fanning made some comment about her sister giving an Angel-head ornament or something as a gift, and she said something like “my sister gave the Angel head” then burst out laughing, and followed up with “but in a good way, the good way!” or something like that. A few in the audience kind of chuckled, Ellen had a grin kind of plastered on her face for a sec or two, then moved on. I could see DeGeneres working on several sharp comebacks, but it was a daytime show and she was talking with a freakin’ 12-year-old, heh. Did I read more into this exchange than was warranted, did I even hear it right? Seemed like kind of an icky moment. Anyone else catch the show?

Kids say the darndest things! (maybe, if I heard right)

Dakota Fanning is a 32-year-old midget, so no harm there.

I didn’t see it, but 12 isn’t really that young to know what a blow job is.

The angel head reference is at the 8:30 point in the clip below. It seems she didn’t mean to say it that way, and might have not even caught the double entendre if she didn’t hear a few giggles from the audience, but I think she definitely got what was funny.

Poor Dakota! And her comment wasn’t even that directly suggestive- bad naughty-minded audience! L

Re Dakota herself- she was a definite charmer & seems quite mature for her age & profession

I agree, but joking about one on a daytime talk show was what icked me a bit.

Especially one with a stripper name.

A blow job with a stripper name?

Hey, big boy, let me give you a Brandi Mouthful!

I just watched the youtube clip. She says, “she gave my grandma an angel head”, not “gave the angel head”, which I took to me an actual chopped off angel’s head.

Yes, but with the pauses and the slight emphasis on “head”, it could easily make someone like me with a Beavis and Butt-Head mentality think, “Uh, Huh-huh-huh, she said head.” I think she caught on to what the giggles were for.

I think calling it a BJ reference is a stretch. I think the audience laughs at the “angel…head” as just something that sounds kind of bizarre (especially given the pause) and Dakota’s “but in a good way” comment is just meant to convey that the angel head is nicer than it sounds. I also think a sexual reference would have caused a lot more embarrassment all around. Just MHO.

I think Dakota thought the idea of giving her grandpa an angel head without a body attached (especially after clarifying that grandma got a whole one) which is what struck her funny. She didnt seem embarassed, just giggly at the thought of it.

Which way is the good way? :confused:

I thought the same thing.

What seemed weird is at 4:00 (and some change) into the clip where she says, "I still freak out about it! " (about meeting & being a celeb).

is that she held her hands up in an ‘over gesture’ sort exagerated sort of way. It was so put on look.

Anyone else notice that?


Yeah, it didn’t seem to me that she was thinking anything at all sexual, or that the audience was thinking anything along those lines. It just sounded kind of strange for her to say “She gave my grandmother an angel head,” as though it was a Christmas tree ornament representing an angel who had been savagely murdered.

Enright3, I’ve seen interviews before in which Ms. Fanning used gestures and speech patterns and such that are way beyond her years. I often get the impression that she’s a cynical Hollywood adult, playing (really well) the role of the youthful pixie that we collectively want to believe all 12-year-old girls really are. There’s something a little too perfect about her adorability for me to buy it.

Or maybe I’m just cynical.

Yeah, having watched it again now on Youtube, it didn’t seem nearly as bad as it did at the time. Mea culpa. :frowning:

As someone who has had twelve-year-old daughters, I must say that this one doesn’t seem unnaturally mature. She’s well-spoken and not at all shy, but she really doesn’t strike me as older than her years in her mannerisms or speech. Maybe I have recently been too close to actual twelve-year-olds to believe that they’re “youthful pixies”, but I don’t think Ms. Fanning would seem out of place in a gathering of my younger daughter’s friends. Remember, a twelve-year-old is usually a seventh-grader, and middle-school kids, even the good ones, are hardly cherubic innocents.

Thanks for posting this. I haven’t been around 12-year-olds since I was one myself, so I’ll defer to your assessment.

I agree. The only thing that seems to set her apart from her age-group is how assertive and confident she is. That’s likely a factor in her acting and making the rounds but I don’t see her (in this clip) as other than what she’s trying to be.