Anyone catch South Park last night?

Boy, what a poor conclusion to the last episode. It didn’t make any sense, (even for a South Park episode). Trey and Matt shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to think up the story for this episode.

Maybe next week.

They wait until the last minute to think up the story for every single episode.

I know, and I don’t think they should have with this one. They should have fleshed out something better, or had a rough idea of how to conclude last episode’s cliffhanger. They didn’t even explain why/how Stan got to the meeting of the fast food chains… he just busted through the window drunk and started firing his gun.

I liked the conclusion of the episode.

The jokes weren’t some of their best, but I liked how everything went back to normal, but didn’t.

It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this.

I liked the preview of Terra Nova playing on the Marshes’ TV. Jurassic Park meets Lost. Yeah, that’s basically it, all right. Matt and Trey obviously watched it. And a perfect example of poo flying all over the place.

I caught the previous episode again recently and thought it would have been a near-perfect way to end the entire series. This new one, though it had some laughs here and there, is actually kinda grim and depressing, drawing from the darker parts of Groundhog Day and all.

Other shows (well, Simpsons) have mocked the entire “status quo” thing, but SP’s take is… sad. Well, at least Stan has his booze to help him cope.

On the meta level, it’s as if Parker and Stone are annoyed at us for liking their show and “forcing” them to do it over and over. It’s a coin-flip to see which of them is found dead of a heroin overdose first.

On further reflection, life is full of annoyances and nuisances and irritations. I can understand the desire to self-medicate with alcohol (or other drugs, or candy, or obsessive fandom, or fast food for that matter) to take the edge off and just muddle through.

Now I know why 8 different cable channels were running South Park reruns at 8 and 9 last night.

Huh? It was part of the whole Matrix pastiche. The Assbergers people sent him there to track down the people who were making life shitty. And, as crazy as they were, it turned out they were right: what made all those foods taste good was the components of Cartman’s shit. (okay, farts.)

I’ll admit I didn’t like yet another downer ending, but I didn’t see anything that didn’t make sense. At least, nothing that made less sense than usual.

I also hope they are actually making a story arc out of this. We do need a happy ending for this, eventually. Even if it’s not the one I predicted, where the divorce was really what was causing Stan’s cynical assholism. Hopefully he’ll have his adventure that is completely different, after a few episodes of pretending. Or maybe his approaching alcoholism will almost kill him, and give him a new lease on life.

Plus, I’m still not sure the message was that they are unhappy doing the same things over and over again. In fact, I was going to start this thread myself to ask what you guys thought the message was, as I could go either way. Can’t it also be more of a “be careful what you wish for” message?

They **never **said why they were a target.

The zig-zag quality of the show is getting really bad. Still a few good episodes from time-to-time, e.g., the first “Coon” episode.

But this … was just plain awful.

They need to make some serious production changes. Fewer episodes, longer lead time on most of them. (Topical ones work if there is a new topic. Asperger’s/Vaccine paranoia/Matrix are not new topics.)

(Good thing I never liked “Landslide” or I’d hate it now.)

Trey and Matt are really starting to piss me off. I mean, if you really don’t want to do the show anymore, just quit doing it.

And something else bothers me too. Recently, they were on 60 Minutes, and they brought out that old saw about how Eric Cartman is modeled after Archie Bunker because no show today could have a character like Archie Bunker.

Well, I don’t really care about whether a show could have an “Archie Bunker” today, but if Eric Cartman is supposed to be Archie Bunker remade, they have no understanding at all of the Archie Bunker character and what made it so good. Archie had bigoted ideas, yes, because he grew up with them when neighborhoods were segregated and racism was an accepted viewpoint among many. The main group Archie was prejudiced against in a negative way were blacks. Other ethnic groups, especially Jews, he had a certain respect for, but again if he found something positive about an ethnic group, it was because of how his ingrained racism colored his view of the world. Archie Bunker himself had an innate decency in spite of the racism in him. He was a genuine friend to Lionel Jefferson, taking him in when Lionel quarreled with his own father about his half-caucasian girlfriend Jenny.

Eric Cartman is just an anti-semite jackass, plain and simple. He doesn’t even seem to hold any other prejudices except a dislike of Jews. He’s just a jerk. A funny character, but nowhere near as exquisitely written or portrayed as Archie Bunker.

This episode just felt…forced. I don’t know if it’s the time crunch they have for making them or what.

I love Landslide, and I’m happy Randy and Sharon are back together, but the rest of this was kinda…poor. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks it felt disjointed though.

Well, he did reeeeeeach those keeeeeeeeds.

Stan’s new personality seriously reminds me of me.

I was very “meh” about the episode but I did crack up when Stan broke into the window drunk.

And hippies and gingers and cripples and the poor and women and gays and blacks and Mexicans and Muslims and…

and minorities

Well, point taken. Still, it’s Cartman’s anti-semitism that Matt and Trey are always taking a sledgehammer to our heads about. Cartman’s not the layered character that Archie Bunker was.

What century does the OP live in where you need to “catch” a show on TV? You can watch the full episode online.