Anyone do this years before hearing of rule 34?

Try Scooby Doo


The Simpso-

Pssst forget it there has been Simpsons porn for like a decade

Uhhh Dora The Explorer?

Hah hah yup


I think eventually the namer won with Pinky and The Brain, but I am sure it is out there now.

Party game where the goal was to name a animated show without porn showing up on a search, prolly defunct now.

To be honest, I didn’t (and still don’t) know what rule 34 even is. Is it made up?

Do they have rule 34 surrounding zombies?

Rule 34: If it exists, there’s a porn of it. (It’s an internet thing)

I have heard that at least some of the people who animated Snow White at Disney immediately did some porn of her when they were done. Not for posting, of course.

Pssh, she’s not even that hot.

If not, someone will make it eventually.

Oh yeah, there’s zombie porn. No linckies. You look up yourself.

Trying to figure out what the zombie raiser was googling to find this gem. Rule 34?

I’ve just made up rule 34 with regards to zombies:

If a thread is less than 34 days old, it’s not a zombie.

If a thread is less than 34 months old, it should be OK to post in.

If a thread is greater than 34 months old, leave it well alone :smiley:

@Buttercup Smith: Yep, I searched for rule 34 on Google and found this.

My father had a photocopied drawing of the Coyote and Roadrunner having sex well before the Internet was really a thing. I’d say that there’s been that sort of porn as long as animated shows have been around; the Internet just made it more accessible and widespread.

Yes, especially thanks to the Resident Evil series.

There were the old Tijuana Bibles that featured various cartoon characters having sex.

People haven’t changed, just the media they use to jerk off has.

The Fella and I had a google-off one night for a rule 34 thing. (This was years ago.)

I picked (out of nowhere) ‘farting porn’. Yeah. It exists.
I got a response quicker and won. It was a pay site and just the descriptions made us crack up.