Anyone doing the Post Hunt in DC next weekend?

A few friends of mine and I may be flying to DC next weekend for the Post Hunt.
Anyone else going?

We MIGHT need a teammate or two…right now, there may be only three of us.
We’re not sure how long we’ll be in town…tentative plan is to fly in early Sunday, to the hunt…maybe spend the night and go to the Air and Space museum near Dullen on Monday, then fly home. But things might change.

So…anyone else going?


Is this one of those things that, if you have no idea what it is, you won’t ever have any interest it? Or can you provide a link to what the Post Hunt is?

Sure…it’s here.

It’s the Washington DC version of the Miami Herald Hunt - a scavenger hunt of problem solving surrounding odd puns and word play, run by Dave Barry.

After many years of successful hunts in Miami, Dave and his team decided to start doing them in DC as well.

While I’m here…yeah…I know it’s Dulles, not Dullen. Typos. Sigh.