Anyone done South Beach? A have few phase 1 questions and a single phase 3 question.

In phase 1, can you eat any of the phase 1 meals you want at any meal? Can you have any entree and any side you want? Can you have as many portions as you want? Can you a have soup or salad with every meal? Can you have a dessert with every meal? Can you have any phase 1 dessert you want? Can you have any phase 1 snack you want? Can you coffee that is not decaf?

Are there snacks in phase 3?

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twickster, MPSIMS mod

You mean the meals in the book? You can have those at any time - the book has recommendations for portion sizes to start with. Try to think of it as “as many portions as you NEED” rather than want, don’t stuff yourself just because you think you can. I wouldn’t do dessert with every meal, but if you’re following the meal & snack guidelines, you probably won’t want to, either.

And don’t feel like you have to eat only the meals in the book - those are just meant to be suggestions and recipes, not the only meals you can eat. Make meals out of whatever is on the food list, as long as you’re following the other guidelines.

As for phase 3, you have to figure it out for yourself. It’s the maintenance phase, so you’re allowed to snack, you just need to see what works for you when you get there.

If you are looking at the book, there should be a food list which notes which foods are unlimited (mainly lean meats and high fiber veggies) and which foods are ok but should be limited. Something along these lines, although that is not the official list from the book.

Don’t forget to eat 6 times a day, stop eating when you stop feeling hungry, and drink plenty of water. Its not a good idea to make a habit of eating sweets (even sugar free ones) at every meal. The idea is to begin to establish better food habits, and sweets with every meal are not a good food habit.

My take on the diet is to eat healthy food that makes you feel full for longer. Use whatever combination of recommended food to get there.

When I was really following the SB plan, I found I was eventually packing too much food for lunch.

As I recall, the book says you can stick with caffeinated beverages, but beware, as caffeine is an appetite stimulant.

That’s weird. Caffeine suppresses my appetite.