Anyone else been surveyed by Ipsos Mendelsohn?

Just got a letter from them, saying I’ll be getting a survey about my “personal interests” soon because I’ve “been selected to represent the opinions, interests, and behavior of men and women in [my] area.” And they’ll send me a “brand new $10 bill” to thank me for participating. Woohoo!

Never heard of the guy.

But I have participated in surveys for cash like that.

I read that as “survived by”. I guess that would explain the preponderance of zombie threads here lately…

Anyone else? The questionnaire just arrived, and it’s huge. The $10 bill is nice and crisp, though.

And I read the thread title as “served by” and wondering who this new superpowered lawyer was that I should know about.

My mother used to work for Ipsos Reid - formerly Angus Reid until Ipsos, a well known survey company, took it over. Don’t know who else Ipsos has taken over, but the company name sounded either legitimate to me or that of a fake who knew that Ipsos was a legitimate company.

Interesting. The Mendelsohn study is a study of product usage, media usage, and attitudes, specifically among high-income households (I have a copy of last year’s report on my desk). Elendil’s Heir, you may have just outed yourself as being well-to-do. :smiley:

And, yup, it’s a frakkin’ enormous survey.

And, yes, it’s legitimate, as is IPSOS, which is one of the big international market research companies.

Yeesh. Obviously they sent it to the wrong house, then.

Heh. Just finished it, all 28 pages of it. I knew I’d passed through the looking glass when I was asked how much I’d spent on “yachting (including crew)” in the past 12 months, and if I’d bought any aircraft lately!

Well, have you?

Does the $15 radio controlled helicopter that was on sale at Safeway during Christmas count?

Hee hee hee. I’m reminded of Audi’s “Release The Hounds” ad. :smiley:

It should, dammit! But… no. They didn’t ask me about private spacecraft, though. Pikers.

I’ve received $$ in the mail along with a survey. I pocket the cash and trash the paperwork, looking at the cash as payment for considering their offer.

Wait, they want to know how much you spend on yachting and aircraft…

…for ten dollars?

Pfft. I had my five butlers split the $10 amongst themselves.

Just got a two-page followup survey from Ipsos, asking me about my holiday shopping plans and investment preferences. Plus $2 for filling it out! This time my butlers went begging.

Well, the economy’s in the crapper right now. Your time is much less valuable than it used to be.

The positive side is we may invest in you now in the hopes that you turn out to be worth something later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you just fill it out with random answers and crap, to get the money as painlessly as possible? Like the equivalent of filling in “C” for every answer on a scantron?

I could, but that’s not how I roll.