Anyone else following the "Amgen Tour of California"?

I work in downtown San Jose, California, and today’s stage 2 will finish here after passing my building. We’re about two blocks from the finish. I’m not sure exactly when the leaders will pass through, so I’m trying to get live feed from Amgen Tour of I’ll probably never get another chance to see the likes of Levi Leipheimer or Floyd Landis again, so you better believe I’ll be down at curbside when the riders make their appearance.

Anyone else following this?

That was a rush! It’s hard to believe just how frickin’ fast this class of cyclists is.

I hope the spoiler boxes are working - in case y’all want to be surprised by the news tonight.

Hincapie took the stage in a great spring and also took the overall lead from Levi Leipheimer.

I am! My husband and I rode our bikes downtown yesterday to (drink beer) check out the cyclists, and cheer Levi as he made his way home. Woo!

They did 3 laps in town and I really couldn’t believe how fast they were. It was stunning.

I did a quick recap of our day with a few pictures and video clips in my journal.

We don’t have television so I’m getting my updates online. It’s really exciting, I hope they do this race and come into town again next year.